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Lori Ziganto

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Salon's Joan Walsh: Predictable and Racist Buffoon

Joan Walsh is nothing if not predictable and super tiring. Oh yeah, and totally racist. Her true racist colors showed once again in her latest article at Salon. The article was meant to attack Newt Gingrich for a statement he

WaPo's Ezra Klein Supports Killing Black Babies

Don’t Worry, It’s Not Racist. He Just Wants Black Children To Die To Save Money. What’s wrong with you, bitter clingers? Don’t you realize that a dead child is a cheap child? I mean, all dead babies cost is the

Media Matters Definition of 'Misinformation': Icky Old Opinions

Evidently, the newspeak definition of ‘misinformation’ is actually ‘opinions with which I don’t agree’. According to Media Matters for America that is, as The Right Sphere points out. They use an example given in Howard Kurtz’s article “Partisan Organizations Use

Live Action: Planned Parenthood Mammogram Lies Exposed

The left and their friends in the media have been frantically pushing the spin regarding Planned Parenthood and the recent move, via the Pence Amendment, to stop providing them with federal funding (from we, the taxpayers). Screeching things like “If