Nick Gillespie

Latest News's Nanny of the Month: SF Mayor Gavin Newsom

They’ve targeted bottled water and the selling of all kinds of pets, er, “animal companions.” And now, with the soda scold who’s yanking sugary beverages from vending machines, the City by the Bay pulls off the first-ever Nanny of the Citizenship and The Pursuit of Happiness

Whether it’s Arizona’s controversial new law or President Obama’s decision to send additional national guard troops to the US/Mexico border, immigration remains one of the most contentious issues in contemporary politics. As the battle over “comprehensive” reform heats up, everyone Is Sweden a Supermodel for America's Economy?

To the American mind there may be nothing more quintessentially Swedish than the leggy, blond supermodel. But there’s another Swedish model that inspires almost as much admiration–the Swedish economic model. With a generous welfare state and high living standards, Sweden Do Vaccines Cause Autism?

It’s not surprising that so many parents are so worried about autism. After all, the disorder strikes about one out of every 115 kids, its prevalence seems to be growing, and its cause or causes remain mysterious. A 1998 article Is The Tea Party Movement Racist?

Yesterday, the Washington Post reported that the Tea Party movement is “struggling to overcome accusations of racism,” some of which has been perpetuated in its editorial pages. Yesterday’s New York Times, home to the most obsessively anti-Tea Party editorial page