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Peter Morici

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Trump Supporters Pledge BRYNN ANDERSON AP

Blind to Facts, GOP Headed for a Disaster of Its Own Design

Donald Trump has emerged as the likely GOP nominee because on the great forces transforming America—globalization and immigration—establishment Republican leaders have turned a blind eye to the legitimate complaints of less-educated, often-rural white males who are amassing to Donald Trump.

Bernie Sanders

What I Like About Bernie Sanders

No doubt after losses in Nevada and South Carolina, Bernie Sanders faces a tough uphill battle for the Democratic nomination. But as an economic conservative, I urge Super Tuesday voters to give Bernie a closer look.

Donald Trump

How Donald Trump Could Become President

Convincing victories by political outsiders in New Hampshire demonstrate without doubt most voters are disgusted with both political parties. The electorate will probably make one of them—more likely Donald Trump—the next Commander in Chief.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump cheers the introduction of Roman Gonzalez of Nicaragua and Brian Viloria before their WBC flyweight title bout at Madison Square Garden in New York on Saturday, Oct. 17, 2015. Gonzalez won. (AP Photo/Rich Schultz)

Trump’s Got It Right on Trade

Donald Trump has been savaged by economists and the media aligned with establishment candidates for tough positions on trade—including a 45 percent tariff on imports to force China to the negotiating table.


Why Good Jobs Are Too Few, Wages Too Low

Americans are justified to be angry about the economic recovery. As President Obama enters his final year, good-paying jobs remain scarce, and family incomes are down about $1650 on his watch.


A Professor’s Message for the Holidays

It’s time to put aside your troubles and celebrate. At Christmas, your creditors, competitors and even the neighbor who complains about your son’s electric guitar offers a smile and wishes you well.


The West Should Unite to Crush ISIS

Terrorist attacks in Paris plainly illustrate U.S. and European efforts to thwart terrorism have failed, and a western ground force will be necessary to defeat ISIS.


The Terrible Cost of Demagoguery

President Obama’s justification for nixing the Keystone Pipeline was yet another example of Oval Office demagoguery—a destructive impulse also rampant among those vying to succeed him.