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'Work, Work, Work': Recovering the Lincoln Ethic

'Work, Work, Work': Recovering the Lincoln Ethic

Anyone with a warm and fuzzy image of Abraham Lincoln should consider his letters to his stepbrother, John Johnston. Johnston was living the life of the small-time farmer that Lincoln himself had worked so hard to leave behind. In 1848,

The Southern Smear

The Southern Smear

“Everyone has a right to be stupid,” Trotsky said of the literary critic Dwight MacDonald. “But comrade MacDonald abuses the privilege.”  A viewer of  the Chris Matthews MSNBC program “Hardball” might be forgiven for feeling the same way. Matthews interviewed

What is "Banquo's Ghosts"?

I wanted to pop in here to let “Big Hollywood” readers know about the just-published spy thriller I wrote with my friend Keith Korman. What is it like? Well, think of an episode of “24” written by Proust. OK, maybe

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