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Manning – Tuesday Group: Betraying the GOP Agenda

Elections are supposed to have consequences, but liberal “Republicans” in our nation’s capital are doing everything they can to make sure last fall’s history-making vote that put President Donald Trump in the White House is invalidated.

Manning: Will Schumer Funding Win Open GOP Eyes?

Chuck Schumer’s victory on the 2017 Omnibus funding bill will hopefully serve as a wake-up call to Congressional Republicans who have not adapted to the reality that they now control the White House with a President who expects that his priorities will be funded in September.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump delivers an economic policy address at the Detroit Economic Club on August 8, 2016

Trump Detroit Speech Separates GOP Wheat from Chaff

Donald Trump’s speech before the Detroit Economic Club was an economic conservative tour de force and there is no longer any excuse for anyone who claims to be a believer in free enterprise and limited government to not support the GOP nominee.

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Obama’s Internet Endangerment

For all intents and purposes, the Chinese government has chosen to put the tools in place to break the Internet any time they choose. And I’m confident that Secretary Chertoff would agree that in today’s environment, the Chinese government is going to proceed according to their interests.

Mob Attacks Trump Supporters, and It’s Trump’s Fault?

Trump supporters coming out of a rally, in the city made famous in the 1960s by Dionne Warwick, were attacked, punched, egged and abused while the San Jose police department largely stood and watched, perhaps having gotten word in advance to not intervene on behalf of the law-abiding supporters of the presumptive GOP nominee.

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Breaking the Primaries

There is a difference between selecting delegates who would support another candidate in the second or third ballot and actively seeking to unbind delegates from the first ballot wishes of the primary and caucus voters. The former is the normal delegate selection process, the latter demolishes the notion that will of the voters even matters.

Donald Trump’s Health Care Dance

Donald Trump’s past flirtation with a nationalized government run health care system brings this question starkly into play. In his book, “The America We Deserve,” published in 2000, Trump wrote, “We must have universal healthcare. I’m a conservative on most issues but a liberal on this one. We should not hear so many stories of families ruined by healthcare expenses.”

Omnibus Spells Death of the GOP

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan issued a release hailing the passage of his omnibus federal spending bill titled, “House Passes Spending Bill to Advance Republican Priorities.”

Fast tracking Donald Trump to the Presidency

While the full details of the deal have not yet been announced, Republican presidential contenders who opposed granting Obama fast track trade authority like Bobby Jindal, Mike Huckabee, Carly Fiorina and Donald Trump all benefit from a half year discussion of Obama’s trade policy. But it is Trump who benefits most by far, as he has made his anti-Obamatrade agenda a cornerstone of his campaign from day one.

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Moving Fast Track on Blind, Irrational Faith

However, before they vote, Republicans need to understand one thing. The deals they cut for negotiating objectives, increased transparency and immigration protections are meaningless. After all these years of being penned and phoned, could Congress still believe that President Obama would push for a deal that reined in his power?

Where Is the Republican Party?

Where Is the Republican Party?

Dan Bongino is the ideal candidate for Congress. Bongino has the pedigree as a former Secret Service agent that provides an automatic stamp of approval from everyone who learns this one fact about him. He has built-in name identification through

In View of Burger King, How to Keep American Jobs Here

In View of Burger King, How to Keep American Jobs Here

Burger King is in the news–not because the creepiest looking mascot since Six Flags’ dancing undertaker went off the rails but because they are pursuing a move of their corporate headquarters to the well-known tax haven known as Canada. People

Obama's Internet Giveaway Threatened in House

Obama's Internet Giveaway Threatened in House

For years, conservative activists have prodded the House of Representatives to use their unique Constitutional power of the purse to rein in Obama Administration excesses. This week, the U.S. House of Representatives is doing just that through a series of

VA Actions Kill Veterans–a Precursor for Obamacare?

VA Actions Kill Veterans–a Precursor for Obamacare?

Government run health care has come under increased scrutiny as America has learned of the bureaucratic decisions to let patients die rather than receive treatment. No, this story isn’t about Obamacare, although it does provide a pretty bleak look into

Enviros Attack Markets to Kill Energy Industry

Enviros Attack Markets to Kill Energy Industry

The strategy has been obvious for a number of years, but rarely has it been so blatantly espoused as in an article by Bill McKibben in Politico Magazine where he attacks the development of a Liquified Natural Gas export terminal

The Disintegration of the First Amendment

The Disintegration of the First Amendment

The Obama Administration has engaged in an unprecedented assault on the First Amendment which is accelerating as he expands the reach of government using regulatory powers well beyond their legal limitations. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall famously wrote in



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