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Are We British Or Are We EUropean? A Case For Brexit

A vote to Leave the European Union (EU) is about more than immigration or the economy, but independence.  The alternative — a vote to Remain — is not a vote for the status quo, but eventual integration into a European Superstate.


Free Trade Is Easier Outside Of The European Union

Trade has long been the lifeblood of the economy of the United Kingdom. It brings economic growth, and is the only proven long-term way to increase prosperity and improve the quality of life for everyone. Over the past three centuries


The EU Bows Down to Turkey’s Dictatorial Demands

The horrendous attacks in Brussels last week understandably dominated the news. The slaughter of innocent civilians in yet another of Europe’s capitals has left many questioning how exactly our membership of the EU makes us safer. It is far too

British steel

The EU Slags Off British Steel

David Cameron’s recent so-called ‘deal’ in Brussels has led to the heralding of a ‘special status’ for Britain. Unfortunately for the Prime Minister, Britain already seems to have a special status within Europe — one which is wholly negative and is not the