The Extreme Left: A Ticking Time Bomb

The Mainstream media (MSM) is currently peddling the Obama Administration myth that patriotic Americans, many of whom have served in our military or who otherwise have an American flag hanging proudly in their front yards, pose a grave threat to our nation’s security. We have seen calls for Republican leaders to denounce Tea-Partiers and other activist groups opposed to Obama’s agenda. We are currently seeing our nation’s Department of Justice being hijacked to score political points for the Far-Left.


Let us remember that it is leftists who support convicted cop-killers, organize to prevent other Americans from exercising their constitutionally guaranteed rights, consistently threaten violence, and otherwise have a long history of supporting foreign powers who wish our nation and its freedoms harm.

For many years, the anti-American culture of the extreme left has been largely ignored. Like a cancer running through the body politic, the culture of hating America has metasticised. It is now “uncool” to have a flag in the yard, support our troops or believe in American exceptionalism.

To better see how the left works and the threat it poses, let us take a look at the Left and the 2008 Republican National Convention (RNC).

As could be expected, many leftist groups and individuals decided to stage large protests and demonstrations in St. Paul, Minnesota during the 2008 RNC. This is a very American thing to do and is protected by our constitution. However, a group of extreme leftists joined together and called themselves the RNC Welcoming Committee. These individuals set out across the country and used the internet to organize other like-minded individuals and groups to shut the RNC down and they threatened to use “any means necessary.” The organizers showed videos of firebombs being used, handed out maps of “targets,” and went as far as studying the communication systems of law-enforcement and EMS with the stated intention of possibly shutting down such systems.

Of course, a majority of the left-oriented individuals who participated in the RNC protests and demonstrations did not want much to do with the more radical RNC Welcoming Committee. This division in the Left’s protest organizing is standard practice at all large protests and demonstrations. However, the organizing hierarchy of the protest groups is another story all together and will be touched on later in this piece.

As the RNC kicked off, the protests began. All began well and thousands voiced their opposition to the Republican party. At the same time, the the extreme leftists and anarchists were attempting to follow through with their violent threats by actually making fire-bombs and attempting to use force to prevent Republicans from attending the convention. The Extreme Left wanted to prevent other Americans from exercising their Right to Assemble. Again, bombs were made by several different groups. Thankfully, numerous law-enforcement agencies and the FBI had infiltrated the groups. The bombs were confiscated, arrests were made, convictions were won, and Republicans were able to exercise their right to assemble and were not killed, burned, or otherwise maimed, as the extreme left had intended.

Reading the accounts, it would be easy to come to the conclusion that the attempted atrocities came from extreme leftists and the more moderate Left had no part in any of it. Right? Well, wrong.

Here is where the more moderate groups participate and contribute to such extremism: As soon as the demonstrations were over and the arrests were made, the more “moderate” Left began to stand behind the extremists. Local law-enforcement and the FBI’s successful efforts to stop violence and protect the Republicans right to assemble began to be portrayed as “government oppression of demonstrators.” The ACLU and the National Lawyers Guild began helping to defend the various radicals who had decided to dehumanize and interfere with the rights of Republicans.

There is yet another trial coming up which stems from the Left standing behind the extremists. The Left and the MSM have dubbed the extremists as the “RNC 8.” They are now “fighting” for their “rights” to “assemble.” The many heroes from all of the various law-enforcement groups involved are now being demonized by defense attorneys and the many leftist groups involved. Yet somehow the White House is claiming that conservatives are a threat?

The matter of the extreme anarchist “RNC 8” gets even more disturbing. One of the key “direct action” “trainers” and “community organizers” for the Leftist extremist contingent, Lisa Fithian, also happened to be on the streering committee for the umbrella organization which encompassed the more “moderate” Leftist groups. This umbrella organization, United for Peace and Justice, boasting nearly 1,400 various groups from across the nation, seemingly organized both the “moderate” and the “extremist” demonstrations.

Former President and cigar aficionado Bill Clinton, recently claimed that anti-government rhetoric from the Tea-Partiers concerned him and could lead the way to violence. Has Mr. Clinton ever looked at the websites of the Far-Left? They have, where the latest “communiques” from the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) can be read by all of the nation’s underground and covert “cells.” Or what about the sites which are sprouting up in most cities?

Did Mr. Clinton not know that all of the latest Animal Liberation Front (ALF) “communiques” can be read there? Does Mr. Clinton and the folks at MSNBC realize that the majority of the Left believes in and use the term “GreenScare.” This is a Leftist buzzword which is used to defend Eco-Terrorists, like the Earth Liberation Front (ELF), and Animal Rights terrorists, like the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). It’s meant to tie the FBI’s efforts to stop such domestic terrorism with Mccarthyism.

Let’s get our history straight on the Left in America. The 1960’s and 1970’s were dangerous times for our nation. There were various Black Nationalist groups who stated very clearly in both word and action that they intended to overthrow the US government. They worked with foreign powers to do just that. They murdered police officers. They kidnapped the children of wealthy Americans. They hijacked commercial airliners and forced them to land in Cuba. They set off explosives. They saw themselves as part of a global struggle for “peace and justice.”

The FBI nuetralized them and prevented them from committing further acts of violence. Those who did not die in shootouts with law-enforcement officers were mostly incarcerated for their crimes.

Then the Extreme Left began to grow again. The cop-killing criminals who were in cells began to be deified. The conservatives ignored this. Now such thugs are heroes to a large percentage of our society. One can easily look at Mumia abu-jamal, Leonard Peltier, and the National Committee to Free the Angola Three. The Left claims that all these individuals and groups are innocent of the crimes for which they were convicted. However, it is telling to note that the Left never mentions the particulars of the crime. In the case of Mumia abu-jamal, a young officer named Daniel Faulkner was murdered, leaving behind his wife and young baby. Never once is this mentioned as a tragedy by Mumia’s leftist supporters. In fact, while claiming his innocence, they also make sure to attack the character of Officer Faulkner. He was, according to the Left, a “racist.” He was also a “pig.” Once again, the Left and the MSM have overlooked these facts and claimed that conservatives pose a threat.

Now this is where the Left gets scary again. Once again, the Extreme Left considers itself as being part of a global movement for “peace and justice.” What was once a simple unchallenged glorification of a dark-Leftist era and a ridiculous glorification of that era’s thugs has grown into a force to be reckoned with–and scared of.

Pipelines are being blown up in Canada, domestic anarchists and other extremists are beginning to glorify their Greek and Italian counter-part’s use of explosives and murder internationally. Many American Far-Left websites are beginning to publish the” communiques” and “how-to” manuals from their foreign “comrades.” Groups such as the SHAC (Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty) have successfully used violence and threats of violence to bring a company to it’s knees by using violence against shareholders and any company that would work with the target of their aggression.

Though much of the violence being exhibited by the Left in foreign nations has largely been stopped by the FBI in domestic matters, the Left-wing Extremists are glorifying violent actions by their foreign “comrades.”

It’s just a matter of time before the Left begins to emulate their heroes- and the killing begins again. They are a ticking time bomb.


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