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The Jihad Flotillas: Melding Propaganda with Violence


After the Israeli action against the Turkish jihad flotilla aroused more international condemnation of Israel, Iran is now sending two of its own Islamic jihad flotillas – Moetillas – to Gaza. The war ship convoy (which the media affectionately has called a “humanitarian flotilla” while the “aid workers” set out to slice and dice the Jews) operated by jihad gangs from thug countries is the new way to wage war in the twenty-first century, if you’re not already busy blowing up buildings, trains, planes and other civilian targets.


The jihad flotilla. It melds propaganda together with violence, usually conducted separately, to wage war. The “aid ship” is the face of this century’s warship, like lipstick on a pig.

Of course, all of this is possible because the world media is aligned with the terror force. So when the jihadists, with the help of their leftist whores, paint up their weapon-filled warships like $2 homicidal trollops and call them “aid ships,” the media laps it up like a dog returning to its vomit.

There is no humanitarian crisis in the terror statelet of Gaza, and there is no such thing as a “Palestinian.” It was historically just a geographical designation: there were Palestinian Jews and Palestinian Muslims before ’48. But no state. No history. No nationality distinct from that of the other Arabs in the area. No flag of this fakestinian narrative. That land is Jewish land. That history is Jewish history. That flag is the star of King David.

The only humanitarian crisis in Gaza is the lack of humanity in Gaza. They elected Hamas, whose charter specifically demands in its first paragraph the destruction of the state of Israel.

Israel asked Egypt to block these warships, a.k.a. “aid ships,” but Egypt has refused. And so now Egypt, which also shares a border with that terror statelet of Gaza, and which has, I might add, strictly enforced that border — more gravely and more violently than has Israel — is throwing in with the killers.

What happened to the peace Israel and Egypt established more the 30 years ago? Israel gave Egypt all of the Sinai, which Israel had captured from the Egyptians not once but twice, in 1956 and 1967. But at the end of the day, it always goes back to the Koran and Islamic anti-Semitism.

Egypt is the third largest recipient of US foreign aid, which it receives as a direct result of its having signed a peace treaty with Israel in 1979. But now Egypt feels free to do this because the world’s policeman, the United States, has walked off the beat.

Barack Obama refused to speak a word against the Islamic regime of Iran as it viciously put down the nationwide rebellion of its own people, Iranians from all walks of life, whose crime was to march for freedom in response to a corrupt and stolen election. Now I guess the Iranian mullahcracy has taken a breather from killing, raping, and imprisoning its own people, as it was missing out on all the barbaric fun the Jew-killing jihadis were having on their Islamic jihad Moetillas.

And so now Iran has gone back to its real love, the provocation of Jewish genocide as mandated by Koranic texts such as the ones that say that Jews are the Muslims’ worst enemies (5:82) and that they’re under Allah’s curse (2:89, 9:30). This Islamic anti-Semitism is the motivation of all of these Islamic countries against the tiny Jewish state.

The Muslims have always been waging war against the Jews — since the beginning of Islam, when Muhammad annihilated the Jews of Medina, the Qurayzah tribe, and then massacred the remaining Jews of Arabia at the Khaibar oasis. Why do you think the jihadis on the Turkish flotilla, the Mavi Marmara, were chanting, “Khaibar, Khaibar, O Jews, the army of Muhammad will return?” Islamic scholar Mark Durie explains:

The discriminatory shari’a regulations applying to non-Muslims, who are referred to in Islamic law as dhimmis, are based upon the precedent of Khaibar. Through a twist of history the defeat of the Jews of this little-known Arabian oasis helped determine the treatment of many millions of non-Muslims after Islamic conquest, including the once-vast Christian populations of the Middle East.

For this reason, the name of Khaibar has great significance for us all. For extremist Muslims like Amrozi, it stands for the defeat of infidel enemies, and their humiliation and subjugation under shari’a conditions, an enduring signpost to the hope of an Islamist victory.

And now, as those Iranian warships approach Gaza, they’re moving in for the kill again.

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