Incident Reports Alleged Voter Fraud in Houston, Texas

Big Government has come into possession of the following five incident reports which appear to point to potential voter fraud in Houston, Texas. As readers know, the True the Vote story much in the news, is centered on Texas. Bryan Preston posted an item on alleged Texas Poll Worker misconduct today at Pajamas Media.

As for the pdf documents below, Big Government is reaching out to known experts in the field of voter fraud for a comprehensive evaluation of how the documents should be interpreted.

The documents were provided by our friends at Liberty Institute.

Incident #15 Told Voter How to Vote


Incident #16 Intimidation by Rev


Incident#23 SheilaJacksonLee Inside Polling Place


Inciden#140 Clerk Asks Voter if She Wants to Vote Democrat


Incident#151 BillWhite Poll Watcher Brings in Pizza

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