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Twitter/Adam Sharp (D): Verified Account Status Bogus Marketing Ploy?


Twitter has been successful in drawing a great number of eyeballs to its application with the use of a so called verified account status. It allows the average person to track, address and even interact with what one might call celebrities in various areas of life. Unfortunately, given Democrat and Twitter official Adam Sharp’s, lack of response to accusations that another prominent Democrat’s verified account was hacked – without a blip in its verified status – one might just as readily conclude that Twitter has no genuine safeguards in place whatsoever to ensure that a verified account is truly representative of the individual it’s claimed to be for every tweet, as has previously been widely presumed.

As a matter of policy, we don’t comment on individual user accounts, for privacy reasons.

I label Twitter representative Adam Sharp a Democrat given his years of work for Senator Mary Landrieu – pointed out in a January 2009 press release.

Allen succeeds Adam Sharp, who joined the Landrieu office in June 2004 as Deputy Communications Director and has led the communications team since being named Communications Director in 2005 and Deputy Chief of Staff in early 2008.

It’s understandable, perhaps, that Sharp might be reluctant to say anything that might damage another high-profile Democrat like Weiner; however, one would think his guiding allegiance today would be his role as an official Twitter spokesperson.

As he seems so unwilling to discuss a now much publicized hacking incident involving a Twitter verified account, what are people to think?

When CNN political analyst Jeffery Toobin takes to the nation’s cable airwaves with statements like this:

“Twitter is not a very secure environment, and doesn’t even come from the people it appears to come from.”

one wonders when Twitter will realize that Rep. Weiner’s version of events is very damaging to it’s brand.

Either Sharp’s political allegiance to a fellow Democrat is standing in the way of his being open, forthcoming, or genuinely responsive, to questions swirling about Representative Weiner’s allegedly hacked verified Twitter account, or he is covering up for Twitter’s inability to discern when a verified account has been compromised and is no longer worthy of the verified distinction.

Which is it, Mr. Sharp? Ball’s in your and Twitter’s court, as they say. Or, game on, if you prefer, as I believe another prominent politician recently said in a different context, if you will.

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