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Herman Cain and the Liberal Catch-22


Liberal pundits are scrambling for explanations as to why Herman Cain’s poll numbers haven’t been dented by the sexual harassment allegations. With apparently more coming, they are secretly hoping that something, anything, will make drop the poll numbers of a candidate who could plausibly defuse any knee-jerk accusations of racism by the Obama campaign.

What they may not realize is that there are in a Catch-22 situation of their own making. The timing of Anita Hill’s accusations made the public suspicious from the start and aware that she was being brought forward because liberals could not win in the marketplace of ideas. The same reaction may be happening now, since all of these women were brought forward when Cain rose in the polls.

So far polls show that the public doesn’t buy into the accusations, but consider if they do.

The polls may still remain the same, courtesy of one Bill Clinton. During the Lewinsky scandal, Clinton’s poll numbers remained the same because the economy was then booming. Herman Cain is judged as having the best prescription for turning the economy around–hence polls may again stay the same. Clinton’s peccadillos may even have gotten the public used to philandering politicians.

A sad day for liberals–hoisted on their petard.

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