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Obama Won't Question His Opponent's Patriotism Like He Did McCain's

Obama Won't Question His Opponent's Patriotism Like He Did McCain's


“I’m not somebody who, when we’re in a political contest, suggests somehow that one side or the other has a monopoly on love of country,” claimed Barack Obama yesterday at a posh, $10,000-a-plate “intimate” Palm Beach fundraiser held in the home of union buster Hansel Emory Tookes II. 

The claim stands in stark contrast to Obama’s questioning of John McCain, who spent years in a Hanoi POW camp, for, in Obama’s view, McCain’s lack of patriotism.

Obama Questions McCain’s Patriotism:

“So, when American workers hear John McCain talking about putting ‘Country First,'” Obama said, “it’s fair to ask — which country?” … pretty much the dictionary definition of questioning someone’s patriotism?

It’s even more ironic that Obama attacked McCain’s patriotism over American jobs in 2008 and now claims not to be that kind of man to wealthy donors gathered at Tookes’ home. As president of Pratt & Whitney’s large-engine group, Tookes “presided over the dismantling of a union-organizing effort.” Meanwhile, unions continue to pump members’ dollars into Obama’s 2012 campaign, while already being disappointed by him. Is it any wonder, given that Obama is having it both ways, just as he is when claiming to be a candidate who takes the high ground when that’s not the case?

As regards Obama’s great concern for the little people, they didn’t seem to matter to him as he flew Air Force One in to a taxpayer supported campaign event, leaving the average Joe and Jane to sweat it out in their cars. No wonder Obama gets such glowing press coverage, given an inside look at his fundraiser.

If you were traveling I-95, life quickly became grim for drivers as the highway was shut down to allow the motorcade to travel. Crowley Political Report must admit that it is a hoot to barrel down the highway in such a fashion – it even makes the traveling press feel very important.

The wealthy ponying up for Obama know any taxes they might see which can’t ultimately be avoided amount to chump change in the grand scheme of things. As America’s debt surpasses all of Europe’s, the same people Obama left stranded on the highway yesterday and the same hard-working union members whose dues go to Obama while he hob knobs with wealthy union busters will get the bill for Obama’s failed second coming of some “Great Society.”

“But there are contrasting visions here. And this election will probably have the biggest contrast that we’ve seen maybe since the Johnson-Goldwater election — maybe before that,” Obama said.

As disingenuous as ever, Obama invoked Goldwater, who was falsely portrayed as an extremist, versus Johnson, whose sad legacy of failure is witnessed by too many not so great urban societies now dotting America. The better comparison would be Carter vs. Reagan, of course. But that would be too close to the truth for America’s hypocrite in chief, Barack Obama, to invoke as he attempts to win a second, likely to be even more disastrous term in the White House. 

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