GOP's Ron Meyer Announces Bid to Become Nation's Youngest Congressman

GOP's Ron Meyer Announces Bid to Become Nation's Youngest Congressman

Conservative spokesman and communications professional Ron Meyer, 23, has filed to run for U.S. Congress in Virginia’s 11th District.

Meyer, who in the event of winning would meet the legal age requirement for Congress by the time of his swearing in, is among the youngest ever to run for the House of Representatives.

Former Republican Congressman Tom Davis and former Democratic Congressman Artur Davis have both endorsed Meyer in his bid against incumbent Rep. Gerald Connolly (D-VA). 

“Ron is a rising star in the Republican Party,” said Davis. “He has the ability to connect with ethnic voters, young people, and Independents as well.”

Meyer made his official announcement on Fox News’ Your World Cavuto.

“With debt interest payments set to triple over the next decade, Congress needs a game-changer to balance the budget, save Social Security and Medicare, and preserve federal pensions,” Meyer said in a statement.

He added, “The Connolly plan leads to endless sequestration. Mine leads to a sustainable government.”

Meyer is the first and only Republican currently filed to challenge Connolly; the Washington Post notes that no other Republican has indicated that they plan to run in the district. 

In 2010, Connolly held on to his seat narrowly by just 900 votes.

“If Washington’s politicians insist on punting the toughest choices–on debt, Social Security, and Medicare–to young Americans and future leaders,” said Meyer, “it’s time for a young American to lead now.”