Backlash Against Huma

Backlash Against Huma

Anthony Weiner is no Bill Clinton–and his wife, Huma Abedin, doesn’t seem to be getting the benefit of the doubt that Hillary received, if reports of a growing backlash against her are any indication.

CBS 2 New York chronicles the mounting criticism that is being seen against Huma for standing by her man in this, his second, major “sexting” scandal.

Calling thescandal a “credibility buster” for Anthony and Huma both, the report notes that Huma’s credibility is being dragged down into the dirt along with her husband’s, instead of her stance bringing his ratings up.

While some New Yorkers feel Huma is sincere in her claims that she is standing by her man, others feel she is just doing it for politics.

“I do believe she has her own political aspirations and she will do what she needs to do in order for her position to move up,” CBS reports that Nancy Thomas of Huntington said.

The backlash is being felt more broadly as well. Michael Cohen, writing in the left-leaning UK Guardian, called Huma “complicit” in Weiner’s latest scandal.

“At Tuesday’s hastily convened press call, Weiner dragged along his inexplicably loyal and, frankly, too-complicit wife to vouch for him in a display so wretched and manipulative it was difficult even to watch,” Cohen wrote.