SEIU Guy: McDonald's Strikers May Contaminate Food if Denied Higher Wages

SEIU Guy: McDonald's Strikers May Contaminate Food if Denied Higher Wages

You might not want to go to a McDonald’s if the workers there don’t get the higher wages for which they’re striking. Adam Sharp of attended a demonstration where fast-food employees protested their low wages. Among the protesters was a member of the Service Employees International Union, which is supporting the demonstrations. During Sharp’s interview, the SEIU employee asserted that strikers at McDonald’s might contaminate the food if they didn’t get their way. The exchange went like this:

Sharp: How’s it going everybody’? Why are we here today? Why are you here today?

SEIU Employee: Why am I here today? I support working people.

Sharp: Do you support the wage increase to $15 an hour?

SEIU Employee: I’m not sure.

Sharp: Cause I was thinking that I might have a hard time getting my $1 McDouble if the guy making it’s making fifteen an hour. Am I wrong? I’m wrong?

SEIU Employee: He seems to think . . . my point is, my point is the people who are responsible for making that $1 McDouble, I want them to know that I’m on their side, rather than on the company’s side. I want, like, food purity.

Sharp: Right

SEIU Employee: If they’re pissed off at their employer they could be doing something to that food that’s not good for you.

Sharp: So that’s your main concern, is that if they don’t get what they want, they might contaminate the food?”

SEIU Employee: I don’t know.

Sharp: I guess that’s a legitimate concern.

SEIU Employee: Pissed off employees do pissed off things.