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Venture Capitalist Pushing Splitting CA Into 6 States

Venture Capitalist Pushing Splitting CA Into 6 States

On Monday, Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper held a news conference to talk about his plan to split California into six different states. “Something is not working in our state, and I’m convinced it’s with the existing system,” he said. “It’s untenable and ungovernable.” To get the proposal on the California state ballot would require 1 million signatures.

The six states would be Jefferson, North California, Central California, Silicon Valley, West California, and South California. Draper acknowledges that one of his goals is to free Silicon Valley from burdensome regulation. “Here in Silicon Valley,” he stated, “people feel the state is out of touch.”

The secession movement in California seems to be gaining some moderate steam. In September, Siskiyou County voted to pursue secession from the state; a few weeks later, Modoc County voted to pursue secession. In order for secession to become a reality, it would have to be approved by both the state of California and the federal Congress.

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