Cheapskates: Chicago, San Francisco Filled with Bad Tippers

Cheapskates: Chicago, San Francisco Filled with Bad Tippers

The liberal Meccas of San Francisco and Chicago are filled with caring left wingers, we know, but according to a new report, they don’t seem much interested in tipping those that serve them.

So much for noblesse oblige, as the well-to-do enjoy their lattes without leaving much behind for their servers in these two blue state giants.

Surveying tipping at coffee shops across the nation as calculated by Square, a tech-enabled payment system, the San Francisco Chronicle discovered that its own city comes in as one of the worst tippers.

The most generous city in the survey turned out to be Portland, Oregon with an impressive 65.2 percent of purchases including a tip.

Tampa, Florida came in second with 62 percent of purchases including a little something for the servers.

The list continues with Atlanta, Georgia (55.3 percent), Denver, Colorado (55.1 percent), Austin, Texas (50.2 percent), Los Angeles, California (46.5 percent), New York, New York (41 percent), and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (40.1 percent).

And taking up the two bottom slots are San Francisco, California (34.2 percent), and Chicago, Illinois (12.3 percent).

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