Henry Barbour: Priebus, Not Haley, ‘Best RNC Chairman We Ever Had’

Associated Press
Associated Press
Washington, DC

Despite his influential Haley’s leading the Republican National Committee from 1993 to 1997, Henry Barbour, known infamously to the GOP’s Tea Party-aligned base as the guy behind the smearing of Tea Party Senate candidate Chris McDaniel, Mississippi committeeman Henry Barbour thinks current Chair Reince Priebus, not his uncle Haley, may be the “best RNC Chairman” the GOP’s ever had.

“There’s a good argument that he’s the best RNC chairman we ever had,” said Barbour the younger to Politico.

Henry Barbour’s praise of Priebus will likely do little to win the RNC friends across its disaffected conservative base. The battle between Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel in Mississippi drove a wedge between the GOP establishment and its base, and there’s little to no signs of its having healed.