Road Rage: Man Reportedly Smashes Truck Window, Pepper Sprays Driver

A driver allegedly smashed the window of a pickup truck with his bare fist and then pepper sprayed a fellow motorist in a fit of road rage.

The attack happened in February near Daytona Beach, Florida, the Daily Mail reported.

It is unclear why the driver got out of his car and attacked the other driver, but the man who shot the video explained what had happened and what motivated him to start filming the incident.

“I was stopped at a light and was amused to witness the Ford F150 driver shouting profane threats and exiting his vehicle to shout into the passenger side of the BMW convertible,” the witness who recorded the video said. “Pissed that he had caused himself to be pepper sprayed, he kicked the BMW and then I started recording.”

The driver of the BMW punched straight through the window of the F150 with his bare fist and then pepper sprayed the driver in the face.

The pickup truck driver attempted to shove the man away with the door and exited his vehicle.

When the pickup truck driver attempted to fight back, the BMW driver sprayed him again, forcing him to cover his face and back away.

The pickup truck owner then retaliated by taking a metal pole out of the bed of his truck, making an attempt to hit the BMW, but the driver had already sped away.

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