CNBC: Joel Pollak Tanked the Stock Market with #WAR Tweet

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Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Joel Pollak is now a master of financial markets.

Shortly after the news broke that Steve Bannon was leaving his White House post, Breitbart’s Joel Pollak tweeted a single word: #WAR.

As Breitbart readers know, #WAR is a call back to our founder Andrew Breitbart and something of an unofficial motto. Pollak was signaling that the #WAR continues, as always. They can take Bannon out of the White House but they’ll never take #WAR out of Breitbart.

Although the stock market was already sliding downward, CNBC reported on Pollak’s tweet. In combination with a report from Jonathan Swan of Axios that Breitbart would go “thermonuclear” after the departure of Bannon, this was causing financial markets to crash, CNBC said.

In an interview that aired later, a CNBC anchor asked Pollak if he was concerned that tweeting #WAR could spark a nuclear confrontation with North Korea. Pollak responded that he doubted his tweet would start an actual war, but if it resulted in the Kim Jong-un being deposed, he would happily take the credit.

Major turnover at Trump White House from CNBC.