Congress Acts Swiftly!

I notice that the House acted swiftly to tax the AIG bonuses. (And at 90% — wow…seems a bit steep, but hey – taxation as a means of punishment is a time-honored tradition amongst the Left.) Because earlier they had acted swiftly in condemning the fact that AIG executives were even taking bonuses at all after receiving billions in bailout monies. And this on the heels of the 787Billion dollars ‘Stimulus’ Bill that the Congress had acted swiftly to pass.

Chris Dodd acted swiftly to redirect blame toward the Treasury Dept. for the snafu, and Tim Geithner acted swiftly to stumble over his memory of time lines of discovery and timing on the whole affair; while Maxine Waters, Our Lady of Pure and Noble Purpose, acted swiftly to indignantly demand answers from Chris Dodd, Tim Geithner, and anyone who could point the camera at her microphone.

President Obama was unavailable for comment, having taken the occasion to act swiftly and get the hell out of Dodge.

Call me stupid, but I’m beginning to sense a pattern here. The Democrat President and the Democrat House and the Democrat Senate all defend the speed with which these gargantuan spending bills were passed, saying that the current economic crisis is so grave that speed is of the utmost necessity…even though the expenditures don’t even start for another two years.

So what was the big hurry?

Duh. The Dems are ‘acting swiftly’ because they know that that is the only way to get this shit rammed through before people catch on to what they’re up to. The Porkulus Bill was presented and passed so fast that no one even had a chance to read it. Is that the sort of behavior from our representatives that the forefathers envisioned when they devised these United States? Does that seem to be the fair and honorable method of providing for the good of the people?

Prez Obama decries the AIG bonuses as outrageous in these perilous economic times…but he has absolutely no problem with hopping on AF-1 with the whole circus in tow and jetting off to California to hob-nob with mega celebs, get his ring kissed by the Governator and do a rock star appearance on the Tonight Show starring Jay Leno…oh yeah, and insult the Special Olympics organization and special needs children everywhere. (“Uh, sir…you can’t really make that remark…you see, you are the President now.”)

And I’m wondering exactly how many millions of tax payer dollars are paying for the big-O’s penchant for travel every time things heat up a little. He was quoted as telling a Costa Mesa audience, “Sometimes it sure is nice to get out of Washington!”

“Uh…sir, you’ve only been in office for two months.”

And half of that he’s spent travelling around the country on …you guessed it, AF-1. (It’s like he’s got a side bet going with Pelosi on who can log more flight miles before the Easter break.)

And all paid for by…you guessed it….us!

And speaking of getting’ outta dodge… How to do dodge pesky questions over whether or not to fire your Treasury Secretary — for a hundred points, and a chance to keep you’re your job approval rating above 50%…

“Uh…. Present.”

Okay. The Great Socialist Takeover of 2009 is only two months old, and it is definitely much too early to start bandying about words like Impeachment, or Indictment, or High Treason…or phrases like ‘the most corrupt and incompetent administration in the history of the Universe’ and a ‘total embarrassment of the species’…

I would give that another four months.

But those of us who don’t sport Che T-shirts, who don’t think Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro are heroes and who don’t think a huge, encroaching centralized Federal government spawned by Woodrow Wilson and expanded by FDR, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton was a particularly good thing for the cause of Liberty…

Well, let’s just say we are not surprised that the new Socialist regime of Obama is an abject failure, joke, and debacle.

I never thought I’d say this is a million years…but I’m almost nostalgic for Bill Clinton. How’s that for Irony — Obama makes Bill Clinton look like Abraham Lincoln.

This new administration with its Pelosi/Reid/Schumer/Frank/Dodd Congress is the most glaring example of graft and corruption gone wild in America. And that’s just what we can see after two months!

Imagine for a second what is about to happen as billions (not millions), even hundreds of billions of dollars start to run through the hot little hands of these bureaucrats. Do you think there is any possibility that some may develop sticky fingers? When you are appropriating hundreds of billions of dollars…oh then why not just round the sum off by, say a few million? Who is going to miss a few million bucks when you’re dealing with hundreds of billions? This scenario…times a thousand? Now, I’m not suggesting any of our current elected representatives, Federal, State or Local would ever be tempted with the Sticky Finger Syndrome…but there might, I say there just might be a real problem here.

Storm warnings on the horizon.

Pay attention folks. Because we are about to witness the biggest money grab in the history of mankind. The stories of fraud, graft, money laundering, government 3-card Monty, shell games, blackmail, hush money, kick-backs and payoffs are going to start in earnest, and they will be coming at us faster than anyone can keep track of them.

And it will all be happening as “Congress acts swiftly”.

Ahhh….the sweet culture of corruption. Where’s the pea, watch carefully… Now which card is yours? Nothing up my sleeve…

I have never seen anything like this in my lifetime…and I’m old enough to remember when a billion dollars was a lot of money.


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