The Day After: My First Impression of Sarah Palin

I wrote this piece for some friends a week after John McCain named a relatively unknown woman from Alaska as his running mate. Since only ten people ever read it, I thought I would re-post it here, perhaps the most revealing day in the storied history of Modern Feminism. Yesterday, over one-hundred and sixty years after Susan B. Anthony joined the movement for women’s suffrage, just five American women actively held the title of Governor of their state. Today, there are only four, and rather than be enraged by the sudden decline to less than ten-percent of all state-executive offices, the entrenched modern feminist powers are rejoicing, because it is they who brought down the governorship of Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin and the Lie of Women’s Rights

September 6, 2008

As anyone who has been to Huffington Post in the last seven days knows, the entire world has changed. In January, the big story in the media was that some woman was running against Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination for president of the United States. In June, the story was that some old war-lover was running against Barack Obama in the general election. Seven days ago, Barack Obama, only hours off of the biggest moment of his campaign, disappeared from the news cycle entirely. The only name in the media today, for better or for worse, is Sarah Palin. For better because she has single-handedly solved John McCain’s two biggest problems, his base, and his base.

Conservatives love her for her deadly pen, which has been known to slash government spending and taxes with masterful strokes. Social-Conservatives (read: Evangelicals) love her because she walks the walk on their biggest single issue: The Right to Life. For worse, because the lion’s share of the press that swirls around her has been decidedly, sexistly, disproportionately negative. In seven days, the media has managed to bring to light more dirt on this previously (nationally) unknown woman than they have apparently discovered in eighteen months of covering Barack what’s-his-name. You remember, last-year’s political celebrity… It has been a no-holds-barred, full-frontal assault on everything from her mothering skills, to her record (suddenly the press is interested in EXPERIENCE as a prerequisite for the presidency), to what kind of clothes she wore as a teenager (experimenting with cocaine and Marxism don’t get the media’s attention, but flirty t-shirts are big news these days). Even her hair-do seems worthy of criticism.

So, the obvious question is: Why? Why has a bona-fide American hero with a record of reform, running as his party’s nominee for the presidency, barely earned a passing glance from the main-stream media, but this hockey-mom-turned-governor seeking the least important job in the country has turned the world upside down? And why all the hate from the transcendent left? What about this woman so incenses the extreme, vocal left-wing of the Democratic Party that they can’t even stop slinging filth at her long enough to remind us that their messiah is still running for the big job? The answer isn’t hard to discern. Feminism is to the Left what the Evangelicals are to the Right, they are the conscience of the Democratic Party, and Sarah Palin is proof positive that modern feminism’s stated objective is a lie.

Organized Feminism started over one-hundred and sixty years ago as an answer to the gross injustice of the subjugation of women in our country. Even as the country was moving on a collision course with it’s own moral failings regarding slavery, heroes like Susan B. Anthony were making even bigger claims. It was not enough that all men be granted equal protection under the law, although they certainly should be. No, for our country to be truly free, this right had to extend to all women as well. The struggle was long and costly. Even as a war was fought to liberate people of color, women were still denied the basic rights they sought: The right to vote. The right to equal protection under the law. The right to work and receive equal pay. The right to look out at the sea of opportunity that life has to offer, and to pursue their happiness with the same options and empowerment as any of the rest of God’s children. Women’s Rights, most of us would call them, and certainly Susan B. Anthony did as well, but if that is how we define Women’s Rights, we are living in the past, for the modern feminist is not concerned with these issues at all. No, for the modern feminist, the term Women’s Rights is a simple, shameful code. One that means, and means exclusively, the right to have abortions at will, regardless of the age or health of the mother or child, with absolutely no restriction or remorse.

If this is not the case, then what answer do we give to people like Kim Gandy, the president of the National Organization for Women (NOW), one of the leading feminist voices in the nation, when she has the following to say about Gov. Palin: “Sadly, she is a woman who opposes women’s rights…”

Opposed to women’s rights? How could this possibly be true? Ms. Gandy continues: “In a gubernatorial debate, Palin stated emphatically that her opposition to abortion was so great, so total, that even if her teenage daughter was impregnated by a rapist, she would “choose life” — meaning apparently that she would not permit her daughter to have an abortion… like Sarah Palin, not every woman supports women’s rights.”

And there it is, my friends, Women’s Rights being redefined right before your eyes. Sarah Palin, a woman poised to be this country’s first female Vice-President, is opposed to the rights of women. Sarah Palin who hunts (dare I say: Like a Man?), fishes, is a pilot, who started as a concerned parent and then became mayor of her community and then governor of her state (making equal pay with her male predecessor…), and who could now become the first woman ever to occupy the office of the Vice President is AGAINST women’s rights, because women’s rights have nothing to do with any of that freedom or equality stuff. Not to modern feminism. Susan B. Anthony must be rolling over in her grave. But of course, it was Susan B. Anthony who said that, “When a woman destroys the life of her unborn child, it is a sign that, by education or circumstances, she has been greatly wronged.” Did you catch that, Kim Gandy? Susan B. Anthony was opposed to women’s rights too. So what was it exactly that she fought so hard for?

For the last forty years, the women’s movement in this country has maintained that in order for women to be truly free, they must not be required to be women at all. They must be hardened creatures, angry at and emasculating of men. They must be opportunistic and career minded, never letting pregnancy or child-rearing slow them down in their single-minded pursuits. They must dress in pant-suits, crop their hair, despise femininity, and THEY MUST HAVE ABORTIONS. Only then can they attain the promise long denied them – the chance to have the same jobs at the same pay as the man-devils they despise. By her simple existence, Sarah Palin proves all of these women wrong. A woman can, as it turns out, be a woman and still be as successful as any man. She can raise her kids and love them, even if they aren’t eugenic master-pieces; she can love her husband, a man so masculine he is called THE FIRST DUDE of Alaska, who runs a fishing boat in freezing waters and races snowmobiles on two-thousand miles treks; she can be feminine, have long-hair, wear dresses, blow kisses during her public speeches, smile and laugh with that perspective that women seem to have in spades, and that men often lack as part of the natural differences and unique gifts that distinguish the genders; and she can put career second to family, not being singularly driven, but responsive to the needs and opportunities that present themselves, hard working and optimistic, and in doing so, she can conquer the world.

Forty years of modern feminism were just revealed to be nothing but hatred and murder in disguise with no agenda what-so-ever other than the destruction of the traditional American family. No wonder they hate this woman. She is proof of what most women in this country have always known: It is okay to be a woman, and in fact, you can do just fine for yourself without having to change into what you are not: a mutated human who is neither feminine nor truly masculine, and never happy. Oh, and you don’t have to abort your children to get ahead. I don’t think the left can do anything to stop this woman, because they have no idea what she actually is. They haven’t seen a real American woman on the left since Roe V. Wade.


Of course, today it may seem that my final thoughts on that bright fall day were wrong, that they actually did destroy Sarah Palin. If so, I hope it soothes the remnant guilt I’m sure they still carry for turning their backs on the true champion of their beliefs, Hilary Clinton, when she was so close to the prize. At least they didn’t let the anti-Hilary ascend, or even endure. Well, I say, sleep well while you can, my friends. In the end, I suspect that the Sarah they have most to fear is not Vice President Sarah or even Governor Sarah at all. It is Citizen Sarah’s first day on the clock, and her star seems as bright to me as ever it did last September.


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