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Lonewolf Diaries: Europe Waaaaay More Racist Than America


You may be asking… “Really? I know the title is meant to be provocative, but do you REALLY think Europeans are more racist than Americans?”

The correct answer is: Abso-freaking-lutely! Have you ever spent time with French, Irish or Eastern Block folk? The prejudice is often laughably absurd.


Before you go and point the finger, let me state that I am completely aware of the irony in that previous statement (lumping everyone into one category while labeling them “prejudice”). However, since we’re dealing with the mythical “racist redneck” generalization that is frequently tossed at Americans, I’m going to speak of Europe as a whole simply to save time.

Yesterday at my hotel lobby, there were two Russian girls. Upon picking up their car from the valet (who was a black man) they kept asking him if he were the famous Jamie Foxx. Strike that, they TOLD him that he was Jamie Foxx and promptly demanded his picture and autograph.

… The man looked nothing like Jamie Foxx. Floyd Mayweather maybe, but Jamie Foxx he was not. However, to these two Russian babes… The dude was Jamie Foxx.

Now I know what you’re thinking; “Well Steven, that’s just a prejudice bred from ignorance, not one spawned from hatred like that of Americans.” Granted, seeing as there are very few European countries that are as statistically diverse as the United States, you may have a point.

I would encourage you, however, to spend time in Eastern Europe and spend some time with the locals. Notice the segregation, the generally accepted stereotypes and of course, the rampant neo-nazi gangs. Then, saunter on down to the U.K. and observe entire portions of cities that have segregated themselves into entirely Muslim subdivisons. Notice the tension from pure-blooded European nationals and the incredible animosity that divides them.

See, when you follow the “multi-culturalism” philosophy, you unavoidably end up isolating each group of people. When there’s no “melting pot,” there’s no common bond between brethren of different races. It’s a “you’ve your gig going, and I’ve got mine” kind of mentality. That’s no way to live.

Of course, that’s not to say that the U.S.A is without its faults (as Sean Penn will, of course, tell you). From both a historical and pragmatic standpoint, however, Europe is inherently a more racist place. So next time a snooty European calls you a racist, be sure to tell him:

I am rubber, you are glue. What you say bounces off me and sticks to you.

… And then punch him in the racist face.

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