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'I Want Your Money' Review: Move Over Hollywood, the Tea Party's Coming!


Recently I was lucky enough to attend a political fundraiser featuring a new breed of documentary that looks, sounds, and smells like a real Hollywood movie. I Want Your Money fairly summarizes the ideological battle currently playing out all over this country between big government liberalism and small government conservatism. The movie is ultimately a teaching tool to encourage a return to the conservative constitutional principles that the Tea Party and true conservatives espouse. It’s political evangelization, if you will.

[youtube 4wty7974IKg nolink]


Bias alert: I am a member of the Eeeeevil Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, and have been since I was old enough to understand politics. I realize I like the movie because it gives voice to facts and principles that animate conservatives — facts and principles that are ignored or omitted by the Make-Believe Media and Hollywood. Many hardcore leftists will hate the film because they will hate the advocacy for limited government. Predictably, they will call the director every name in the left-wing play book and pooh-pooh the film’s style; however, I challenge them to actually address the film’s facts without using name calling.

I Want Your Money does the near-impossible: it makes politics entertaining. The documentary combines historical clips and quotes with interviews of today’s conservatives, and lampoons prominent politicians from Nixon to Sarah Palin, Bill Clinton and, of course, President Obama using CGI cartooning. My favorite bit was counting how many times Hillary got to slap a womanizing Bill Clinton. There were many moments where the crowd of about 50 die-hard conservative Tea Party-types laughed out loud. The director Ray Griggs has proved the adage, “you gotta know your audience.”

I took my twelve-year-old son to garner his impressions, whether he was bored, etc. In a nutshell, my son thought the movie was entertaining; he really enjoyed the CGI cartoon Reagan v. Obama teachable moments interspersed throughout the talking heads and history clips. After watching the movie, he understood what socialism does: “it drags everybody down.”

The creator and director, Ray Griggs, is literally a stranger in a strange land when it comes to filmmaking. Born overseas to American military parents, this college drop-out intends to honor God in all of his projects. He created his production company using like-minded talent throughout the industry.

Grigg’s success in getting this movie made parallels the Tea Party movement — this married father of three children under the age of four (kudos to Mrs. Griggs) did it without Hollywood and doesn’t care what the Left thinks. He started I Want Your Money last November when millions of Americans were upset by Obamacare. Like so many other conservatives across the nation today, he’s decided to use his talents to do something to protect the unique freedoms our country affords because he simply cannot sit by and watch the American dream die.

Griggs is technically savvy and a good marketer. He’s made available bobble head dolls of the Obama cartoon featured in the movie dressed like Uncle Sam as well as politically useful and entertaining iPhone apps. Griggs is also partnering with local, grassroots conservative politicians to publicize the film and help raise funds for such candidates.

While preaching to the conservative choir may raise all boats in the upcoming election, Griggs other projects currently in the works have little to do with politics. Grigg’s animatronics version of the classic children’s tale The Wind in the Willows is already well under way.

I Want Your Money is a full length feature film set for release October 15th, mostly in “red” states, just in time to affect the all-important nationwide midterm elections on November 2nd. Closet Hollywood conservatives can find the film in Burbank and Simi Valley.

If conservatives are serious about funding an alternative to Hollywood’s leftist virtual reality, buying a ticket to I Want Your Money is a good place to start. Besides, it’ll put a smile on your face before you cast your vote this November, and that sense of humor and optimism is an ideal tool for combating what’s facing this country under Obama.

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