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If Black People Own Guns and Michael Moore Says Gun Owners are Racists…?


Michael Moore is a greedy, lying, hypocritical sack of ferret excrement. Tell you something you don’t know? Alright. Even worse, it now appears that he’s an unintelligent man.

It’s no secret that I’ve never been a fan of Moore’s, but I’ve often said that the last thing I’d call the man is “stupid.” Afterall, a man who cons Americans into paying $9.99 at the local Cineplex only to watch him sermonize on the evils of capitalism must be one of rapier wit. One would think that either he’s a clever graduate from the school of Andy Kaufman, or he’s the embodiment of pure evil held back a grade from the kindergarten of Michael Meyers.

As it seems now, he’s neither of those. It’s becoming more and more glaringly apparent that the man is dumb. Pure and simple. In a recent interview with MSNBC’s Richard Maddow, Michael Moore stated that people own guns because they are racist. He prefaced his comments with this:

“Everybody’s packing there… everybody has guns. Yet they all said that we have a very low gun murder rate here in Tuscon. So why do you have a gun then?”

Ummm… How about, so that the gun murder rate remains low?

I’d never pictured Michael Moore as being so dense that he could answer his own question without tasting the irony. Gelatinous yes, but dense a good filmmaker does not make.

High gun ownership in this case, would seem to be the cause for low-gun murder rates, not the effect. Criminals have told us time and time again, they’re worst fear is that the person they’re mugging or the one who’s house their breaking into may be armed.

  • Fact: Bad guys hurt people.
  • Another Fact: Bad guys don’t like being shot.

The More You Know!

Rather than see the absurdity in answering his own question, Michael Moore went on to explain that the only reason Americans own guns is due to their racist fear of black people breaking into their homes:

“That imaginary person that’s going to break into your home…and kill you. Who does that man look like? You know, it’s not freckle-faced Jimmy down the street is it?”

Well thank you for educating us, Mr. Moore. I only have one question; What about the black people in the United States whom also own guns? Are they racists, merely afraid of the not freckled-face folk, too? Or is it that they’re only afraid of white people breaking into their homes? What about Latinos/Latinas? Or am I supposed to believe that they stick with mere cutlery?

Of course, Michael Moore and Maddow then went on to cite the fallacy that a gun owner is more likely to be disarmed and have their gun used against them in a self-defense situation. No facts or logic need apply. They sort of hop-scotched the actual research in order to get to the part where they call all of the middle-American gun-owners nothing more than racists.

Let me be the first to say, that I own a gun. I’ve never thought myself to be a racist but maybe today, Maddow and Moore have proven me wrong. Perhaps they’ve proven us all wrong.

What say you, other gun owners out there? Do you own guns simply because you’re filthy racists?

Moore and Maddow are betting you do…

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