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2012 Preview: Stephen Colbert 'Alinskys' Republican Senator to Delight of Corrupt MSM


UPDATE: It looks as though it’s possible to make the case the case that Kyl was correct — if so, my apologies to the Senator. If this is the case, it only makes Colbert and his left-wing allies in the MSM all the more insidious.

2nd Update: After looking at everything closely (life moves pretty fast on these here Internets), I have to go with my original impression that Kyl was simply wrong about PP and that the response from his office only made things worse.


Here’s the rundown: Republican Senator Jon Kyl said something that isn’t true (that 90% of what Planned Parenthood does is abortions), Colbert nails him on it, and then Kyl’s office doubles down with this incredibly lame statement…

[H]is remark was not intended to be a factual statement, but rather to illustrate that Planned Parenthood, an organization that receives millions of taxpayer dollars, does subsidize abortions.

…and now Colbert’s having a field day and , naturally, the Leftist MSM’s picking it up and helping to viralize the attack. Before we get started, however, don’t ask me to defend Kyl. He’s a United States Senator entitled to a mistake but not entitled to be ignorant of the fact that when a Leftist like Stephen Colbert has his teeth in you, you better not throw him more meat.

Bottom line, though, is that this Colbert using the power of popular culture to practice Alinsky tactics — and doing so very effectively. Politicians lie and say ridiculous things every day, especially Democrats who know they can wield hyperbole about Republicans wanting to “kill women” with little fear of any kind of real accountability from their pals in the MSM. But Colbert and Comedy Central choose to isolate and mock Kyl, the MSM runs wild with it, and a very powerful message gets out that hurts Republicans and helps the abortionists at Planned Parenthood.

Again, I’m not defending Kyl. What I am doing is pointing out that the tactic is always based on the “choice” of the target. Sure, Colbert and Stewart rip the Left now and again, but these huge campaigns meant to ridicule and undermine are almost always pointed in our direction. (see: Restore Sanity, Rally to). And the MSM is always ready to help pull the bandwagon with a ton of of promotion.

Yesterday, in a piece for Big Journalism, I wrote:

This is all part of a broader and ongoing [MSM] 2012 strategy. The media knows that the only way Obama gets re-elected is if the upcoming campaign isn’t about him. If 2012 is a referendum on the incumbent, he loses in a landslide. So the idea is to keep the focus on the GOP by any means necessary and the neverending hurling of the racism charge is one way to do that.

You can go right ahead and replace “MSM” with “popular culture.” Colbert, Stewart, SNL and the like are just getting warmed up and our corrupt media is always eager to amplify into the hard news narrative everything they find useful when it comes to aiding the Left’s cause. For example, nobody watches SNL, but everyone saw Tina Fey’s devastating impression of Sarah Palin because the mainstream news media played it over and over and over again. And they knew exactly why they were doing it.

As I said in my Big J piece yesterday (paraphrasing), I’m not worried about beating Obama in 2012. With his failed record, anyone would fire him. It’s the MSM with the help of their allies in pop culture who will make this a very tough and dirty fight.

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