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Racism, Racism, Racism: PCU… New Mexico?


In its May 3, 2011 edition, University of New Mexico’s student newspaper, The Daily Lobo, published a political cartoon depicting a triumphal Barack Obama, as “Rafiki” from “The Lion King,” hoisting the decapitated head of the recently killed terrorist kingpin Osama bin Laden, in the role of baby “Simba”:

Never mind the cartoon’s irony, that bin Laden had for years mocked America as a “paper lion” and himself been aggrandized as a “Lion of Islam.”

Never mind Leftists screeching against President George W. Bush’s “triumphalism.”

Never mind the First Amendment, or that President Obama had publicly exploited “The Lion King” narrative to ridicule the “Birther” movement in general, and Donald Trump in particular only four days prior at the annual gala dinner event for White House Correspondents, April 30:

[youtube 4qumlAsdU7c nolink]


Political Correctness grievance-mongers from the university’s African American Student Services (AASS) stormed into action, labeling the cartoon “culturally insensitive, racial propaganda,” and demanding retractions and (show trial) apologies from the newspaper and its editor, Chris Quintana, who hastily and cravenly complied.

AASS’ Christina Foster shouted to a group of 30-strong protesters:

“This is a continual use of racial propaganda… And I stand here today to tell you that is not what we’re going to stand for. This racial propaganda was used to justify the use of slavery and to keep the institution of slavery alive in this nation.”

Christina & Co., how exactly do you believe an obscure political cartoon in a university newspaper can have the power to subvert the fact that it’s 2011, and America has elected a black president, members of Congress, confirmed black Supreme Court Justices, Secretaries of State, etc., but will cause the nation to regress towards slavery? Ridiculous soft bigotry.

Out of curiosity, one could ask where AASS et al. stood when such truly racist political cartoons as this were in circulation? Silently by, one presumes.

The big picture is, of course, that we live in a time of groupthink race-arsonists – coddled by academic/media/governmental nannies — desperate to retain their heckler’s veto power to stifle legitimate and varying viewpoints in the arena of ideas.

First they came for the Danish cartoons… What now?

“Intellect loses its virtue when it ceases to seek truth and turns to the pursuit of political ends.” – Robert H. Bork

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