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Arnold and CNN's Repressed Attitudes

So there I was, at the gym (in my outfit with the polka dots) watching CNN (not by choice) when the anchor wondered … and I paraphrase: “why is the public so obsessed with the Arnold Schwarzenegger story?”

Dumb question.

The public wasn’t asking for this story, nor was it reported by the public.

The story was reported by reporters – some employed by CNN – and continues to be reported, by reporters! some from CNN!

See, the public really doesn’t possess the capacity to uncover muck -and on the odd occasion that it does- they’re often mocked by CNN.

See the ACORN story.

Now, as someone who does a nightly show, I’ve never received a letter asking to cover more celebrity news. If anything, the public writes in about stuff they feel is ignored by everyone else.

See the ACORN story.

Or my workout routine. Which should win a Peabody.

But here’s what really gets me: that a network like CNN needs to finger the public for an obsession, when it’s the media that’s obsessed with Arnold.

It satisfies their kinky interest, not yours.

Which reveals the media’s hypocritical criticism concerning America’s repressed attitudes.

They believe it’s silly for us to frown upon a married celeb impregnating a housemaid.

But if the media felt any differently, they wouldn’t be reporting the same story over and over again!

Could it be our media is actually more repressed than the public it mocks?


Which is why I’m boycotting salacious gossip and I suggest you do the same.

Especially if you hear anything about me and a pool boy named roderigo. He’s a filthy liar and I was only giving him CPR.

And if you disagree with me, you’re a racist homophobe.

Tonight, another great show:

Nick Gillespie!

Tom Shillue!

Leeann Tweeden!

and me. plus you.

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