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Trailer Talk: 'American Reunion'


Are we allowed to have nostalgic feelings for the ‘American Pie’ films yet?

After all, the original is only 12 years old, and not only did we get two theatrical sequels but a gaggle of straight-to-DVD ones we’re better off forgetting.

But here comes ‘American Reunion’ all the same.


The new trailer for the April 2012 release hits on the expected plot points – Stifler’s mom, Jim’s Dad and, well, that’s mostly it. What’s shocking is how tame it all feels. Yes, you might get a little buzz from seeing the original cast members again – how did they land Tara Reid? – but for an envelope-shredding franchise the new films appears … safe.

A lot has changed in comedy circles since 1999. Judd Apatow stormed the humorous beaches with grand fare like ‘Superbad’ and ‘Knocked Up.’ Meanwhile, the Farrelly brothers proved their button pushing days are behind them with the mediocre ‘Hall Pass’ and the forthcoming ‘Three Stooges’ film in development.

Maybe all ‘American Reunion’ can do is let us watch old friends stare middle age square in the eye. Heck, we know the feeling.

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