Clinton on Clooney: Can He Play Me on Screen?

Clinton on Clooney: Can He Play Me on Screen?

We’ve already seen John Travolta perform a thinly veiled impression of President Bill Clinton in the 1998 film “Primary Colors.”

Now, Clinton himself says he wouldn’t mind another actor playing him on the big screen. And it’s an actor most males might pick, no matter where they lean on the political spectrum.

Who doesn’t want to believe they resemble George Clooney is some small way?

Clinton told Harvey Weinstein during the producer’s stint as host of “Piers Morgan Tonight” that he would prefer Clooney over fellow “Ocean’s 11” co-star Brad Pitt. Clooney’s turn in “The Descendants” sealed the deal for the former president.

“He was so good in it, so real,” said the prez, adding that the 51-year-old actor could do it with the aid of a little ole Hollywood magic they call prosthetics.

“You could put bulbous things on his nose,” Clinton added.

In a bit of self-deprecation, the erstwhile commander-in-chief noted that Pitt was “too good looking,” despite the seeming requirement that modern-day presidents have to look great on camera.