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Jon Stewart Slams Obama Over IRS Scandal, Bette Midler Defends

Jon Stewart Slams Obama Over IRS Scandal, Bette Midler Defends

Jon Stewart must have had a long weekend, what with scandal after scandal engulfing the Obama administration over the past few days.

When he returned to work Monday night at his Comedy Central desk, he simply had to do what’s right–blast the Obama administration for the IRS scandal surrounding the specific targeting of conservative groups.

Sure, the host of The Daily Show seemed more upset that the scandal was giving oxygen to so-called conspiracy theorists on the right, but the comic delivered a presidential thrashing all the same.

“Mother-bleep … son of a bitch,” Stewart yelped in mock anger while showing the sorry details of the IRS’s actions. We can chortle at Stewart’s ideology blinding him to what the New Media has been reporting for months, if not years, but Stewart connected the dots between conservatives’ fears regarding government overreach and proposals for, say, national gun registries.

“This has, in one seismic moment, shifted the burden of proof from the tin-foil behatted to the government,” he said.

It gets better. 

Stewart then gave a heartfelt plea for the good government can do in society, and that we shouldn’t be cynical when we hear random cases like the IRS imbroglio.

Then, a news bulletin informs Stewart of the administration’s AP scandal, where phones were tapped at the wire service over a series of weeks.

“Mother-bleep … we’re be right back,” he said.

And then there’s Obama apologist Bette Midler. She took to her Twitter page to defend the IRS. After all, the governmental group targeted Tea Party groups, so how wrong could it be? The constitution goes out the window for the Divine Miss M when it involves those who don’t agree with her political views, apparently.

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