Liberal Director Gets Byline on Washington Post Spying Story

Liberal Director Gets Byline on Washington Post Spying Story

If the name Laura Poitras sounds familiar to readers of The Washington Post, it could be because they have seen her documentaries critical of the U.S. war on terror tactics.

The liberal filmmaker made the jump from film to print this week, as D.C.’s august newspaper gave Poitras a byline on one of its biggest news stories of the year.

The coauthor of the Washington Post’s bombshell story on the National Security Agency’s PRISM surveillance program is a long-time activist filmmaker who has railed against U.S. counterterrorism policies put into place after the Sept. 11 attacks.

Filmmaker Laura Poitras, who shared the lead byline with former Post journalist Barton Gellman on the paper’s front-page NSA story, is not on the Post’s staff and is not a print reporter.

Poitras has taken hard stands against enhanced interrogation tactics, the use of drones, terrorist “kill lists,” and Guantanamo Bay.

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