Actress Rae Dawn Chong Slams Oprah Using Racist Imagery

Actress Rae Dawn Chong Slams Oprah Using Racist Imagery

Actress Rae Dawn Chong unleashed an angry, quasi-positive rant against Oprah Winfrey during a radio interview this week, one that attacked Winfrey’s weight and used language The New York Post chose not to publish.

Chong worked with Winfrey on The Color Purple, and she returned to those days during the interview with Matty P’s Radio Happy Hour.

The two worked well together for a spell, the actress said, but once Chong landed a role in the action film Commando things change. 

That’s when she was a total biotch,” she emphasized. “I starred in ‘Commando.’ And she just wasn’t having me. She’s competitive. She didn’t like me. She just wasn’t having me….”

“She was that fat chick that was a cheerleader or the wannabe cheerleader in school that was the student council president that was the best friends with the principal…she was the fat chick in school that did everything and everyone loved her. That’s Oprah.”

In a low point of the interview, Chong used crudely invoked racist imagery.

“If you look at the way [Oprah] looks, she looks like 60 years ago she would have been a house keeper luckily.

Only Chong used a more racially charged phrase to say housekeeper. Chong also praised Winfrey’s business acumen and ability to change the way the culture looks at women of size.

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