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'The View' Hosts Favor Arming Women Against Intruders

'The View' Hosts Favor Arming Women Against Intruders


Pick a political topic, and chances are the women of The View will favor the liberal side of the debate.

And if a Democratic politician appears on the show, the fawning can be insufferable.

Today, three women on The View took a decidedly conservative approach to an issue that clearly had a personal connection to their lives.


The subject of self-defense came up following a domestic violence story from the NFL, and several View panelists spoke in favor of women arming themselves for their own safety.

Here’s how Sherri Shepherd recalled her thinking after her home alarm rang recently, and she had to figure out a possible defense strategy.

You got one chance to use a bat and if they take it away. “Get pepper stray.” You know how close they got to get to you, if you use pepper spray? You got one of these? [makes a gesture like she’s holding a gun and makes a sound of cocking a gun] They’re not gonna come near you and your child! So when you’re standing there, and you don’t know how to protect your child ? Get a gun in your home!

Guest Lara Spencer from ABC News flatly said she would never have a gun in the home because she has two children. That didn’t sway fellow panelist Juliet Huddy or Jenny McCarthy, who told Spencer she, too, used to share that philosophy. Not any more.

I’ve been in circumstances like Sherri where, you know people tried to break in and I’m with my son going, “I wish I had something to protect myself with.

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