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New York Times' Anti-American Heart Beats Fast for 'Jihadis: A Love Story'


Yesterday’s New York Times simultaneously vilified Americans and romanticized female Muslim jihad homicide bombers. The killer, Dzhanet Abdullayeva, was the subject of a sympathetic lede story on the front page, with this headline: “Lured into Russian Jihad, 17-Year-Old Avenges Slain Husband.” (Maybe their sympathy for this murderer embarrassed them, since online the same story was given a straighter headline: “Russia Says Suicide Bomber Was Militant’s Widow.”)

Lured? In the photo, the girl is wearing a hijab, brandishing a gun and looking straight into the camera. Her husband was a bloodthirsty murdering jihadi. Do they discuss the religious motivation that led this girl to commit mass murder? No. Do they educate Americans on the Islamic texts that demand, command, and prescribe jihad? No. They make it, “Jihad, a Love Story.”


The Times only discusses the religious motivation to dismiss it with psychoanalysis. It quotes Zaur Gaziyev, who is identified as editor-in-chief of Svobodnaya Respublika, an independent newspaper in the jihad-riddled region of Dagestan. “These religious ideas are very attractive,” says Gaziyev, “because they give a kind of alternative to the world that exists. And so this young girl, who grew up without a father, who didn’t know male power.” So the poor little girl turned to jihad all because she didn’t have a father! Islamic teaching? Forget it. A kind father figure was all she needed!

Meanwhile, the same issue of the Times ran a photo of Tea Party protesters right below a vintage photo of Weathermen terrorists. The flagship publication of the mainstream media, the New York Times, has equated patriotism with the terrorism of the Sixties — the revolution that destroyed this country. Andrea Shea King at Radio Patriot notes that the Tea Partiers are the victims of terrorism, not its perpetrators:

Another GOP office in Ohio was attacked two nights ago. A note was tied to the brick that was thrown through the window that said, “Stop the Right Wing.” A democratic donor was arrested for threatening to kill GOP House Whip Eric Cantor and his family earlier in the week. A brick was hurled through a GOP office in Michigan last weekend. Harry Reid supporters attacked the Tea Party Express Bus and threatened Andrew Breitbart last Saturday. And, a democratic leader compared conservatives to the KKK in a radio interview this week.

Meanwhile, the Congressman Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) now denies that Tea Partiers spat on him. The Congressional Black Caucus has never been able to prove that Tea Partiers yelled an ugly racial slur at them.

So what justifies the Times’ comparison of the Tea Party movement with the Weathermen, terrorists (including Obama’s friend Bill Ayers) who set off bombs in public buildings? Nothing. But these leftists in the Democrat Party media complex will not stop bashing the Tea Party movement, no matter what the truth is.


This Times story on the tea parties is a battle cry, a call to every decent American to get out of his or her comfort zone and fight the great fight. Because this is not an isolated incident. This is what they do. This is how they do it. Liberal media bias is an old story, going back to Richard Nixon’s 1960 campaign and the demonization of Barry Goldwater in 1964 – but now the Times and the mainstream media in general are working directly against American interests, American patriotism, American survival. In the battle space of ideas, they offer nothing but destruction and slander. They never engage in debate. They destroy.

They are working now to destroy the greatest country in the history of the world.

The mainstream media routinely calls the Tea Partiers “extremists.” They use the word extremism as a club, when in fact it is a measurement. The left revolutionaries known as the Weathermen really were extremists: anti-American extremists, as well as anti-capitalism and individual rights extremists. What does Tea Party “extremism” consist of — that they will not compromise on the principles of freedom, and that in political issues they defend individual rights?

There is one way that the Times’ comparison of the Tea Partiers with the Weathermen works: the evil forces triumphed in the Sixties and won without enormous bloodshed. I pray that we, too, can win without a shot. This time for the good.

Maybe the Vatican was right. Maybe the Old Gray Lady is possessed.

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