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Why Are the Obama Regime and Its Media Lackeys So Fearful Of the Dissent They Once Celebrated?


There is a citizen-reporter video currently making its way around the web of a group of gay veterans, who handcuffed themselves to the fence in front of the White House in a call for the repeal of the military’s policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” The most chilling part of this citizen video is that the police chose to close Lafayette Park and forced any reporters and citizens away from the protest. When I saw this video, I had to check my atlas as I thought I lived in Washington D.C. in the United States, not Pyongyang in North Korea!

[youtube FaBk1dUF9nM&feature nolink]

It seems that, with the current regime, patriotic dissent that was once hailed has now become a crime in America; if you engage in it, you will be tarred and feathered. Remember the audio of Hillary Clinton screeching that as Americans we have the right to disagree with an administration, yet I don’t expect her to comment on this incident as she is carrying out the regime’s top foreign policy of destroying Israel.

[youtube NJxmpTMGhU0 nolink]

President Obama and his regime (to use Rush Limbaugh’s mot juste) have made the repeal of the policy an agenda item, but gay-rights activists feel the president has not moved fast enough, and these same activists heckled Obama at a fundraiser in California for Senator Barbara Boxer Monday night:

[youtube v-r-4tXInt8&feature nolink]

In the era of the Obama Regime, all types of dissent are no longer tolerated. To engage in such behavior will have you publicly confronted by the regime or its spinmeisters in the press. Recently the media brought out the Bill Clinton Sideshow in an attempt to smear the members of the Tea Party movement as dangerous anti-government extremists, whose dissent could possibly lead to acts of violence against the government. Funny — this is from the same man who pardoned Puerto Rican terrorists who engaged in violent acts against the government in the closing days of his presidency.

It seems that the regime is now engaged in controlling the press and will use law enforcement to enforce this new policy of “approved” reporting on the image of the regime. It seems that most of the press is more than willing to take their marching orders from the Dear Leader and his toadies in the media, most of whom still refuse to criticize the regime even as public opinion has turned against its policies — all the while smearing dissent as extremists, race-based and anti-government now.

After looking at this chilling video, I fear by 2012 that all dissent will be on par with acts of terrorism, as the sad Clinton Sideshow has made clear. This is not what I took an oath to defend back in 1993 and without dissent there would be no America today.

Meanwhile, the media should be ashamed of itself.

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