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For Leftist Drones At 'Media Matters,' National Security Is One Big Joke


To the leftists at Media Matters for America, even mere days after a suspected Islamist bomb plot was defused in Manhattan’s Times Square, national security is one big joke.

They could care less about U.S. security as long as they get to stick the knife in Glenn Beck, the Tea Party movement, conservatives, and others deemed enemies of George Soros’s utopian “open society.” It’s all about scoring against their political enemies and they don’t care if innocents get hurt in the process.


So it’s no surprise that the media bias analysts at the “non-profit,” George Soros-funded “watchdog group” like to mock Glenn Beck at every opportunity. They hate Beck and everything he represents, especially his ability to impact the nation’s political debate: I get it. But they’re playing with fire when they mock Beck for warning about the subversion threat posed by Venezuela’s communist strongman Hugo Chavez.

In response to the May 4 “Glenn Beck Program,” Media Matters posted a brief video clip from the show with the snotty headline intended as ridicule: New conspiracy theory: Beck suggests Chavez and others have sent in special teams to “nudge” U.S. toward “collapse.”

In the clip Beck is showing saying:

These are the guys…and we did this in Russia, we send them in. We send them in. we send them in when a country’s about to be toppled. [In the] Soviet Union we did it. I’m sure we did it in Poland. These are the guys that don’t overthrow regimes, they help. They just nudge. They help. Do you really think that we’re the only country that does that? Have you ever seen the revolutionaries in Colombia that hate America, want to destroy us, have been waiting for a big communist revolution? Do you really think [with] our open border nobody has been sent up here, just waiting, from all over the world? You think Hugo Chavez hasn’t thought, hey, go send a few people up there to help? [emphasis added]


While I have no proof Chavez has agents in the U.S., the notion isn’t as farfetched as Media Matters would suggest. Beck didn’t just conjure up the idea out of thin air.

Of course, some might have difficulty taking Chavez seriously. He’s the unstable fellow who blamed the devastating earthquake in Haiti on the United States and called President George W. Bush “the Devil” during a United Nations speech.

But it’s important to remember that Chavez openly works with terrorist groups Hamas, Hezbollah, and FARC. Hamas and Hezbollah have offices in Caracas and Chavez funds FARC. A congressional report indicates Iran’s fanatical Revolutionary Guards are active in Venezuela. A State Department report notes Venezuela’s close working relationship with terrorism-sponsoring Cuba.

But Media Matters, in their rush to condemn what they deem “conservative misinformation,” have flippantly dismissed the growing threat that the Chavez junta poses to the people of the United States.

Reformed leftist and FBI informant Brandon Darby has confirmed that when he visited Venezuela in 2006 Chavez’s henchmen tried to convince him to found an anti-American revolutionary terrorist group in Louisiana as the state struggled to regain its footing in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

In the month he was in Venezuela, Chavez officials introduced him to executives of PDVSA, the government-owned oil company that owns CITGO, which operates a chain of gas stations in the U.S. They pressured Darby to journey to neighboring Colombia to meet with a group aligned with the narco-terror organization FARC and to visit another revolutionary group in Maracaibo, Venezuela. Darby refused.

Chavez already runs what political scientists call a “public diplomacy” campaign in the U.S. to help bolster American support for his regime.


The propaganda effort consists of funneling discounted home heating oil to former U.S. Rep. Joe Kennedy’s (D-Mass.) nonprofit group, Citizens Energy Corp. The nonprofit then distributes the oil to poor people, and useful idiot Kennedy gets to pose as a humanitarian.

The CITGO program is not terrorism – technically – but it is a soft attempt at domestic subversion.

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