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Boehner Mocks Tea Party Caucus

Boehner Mocks Tea Party Caucus

House Speaker John Boehner dismissed the Tea Party as irrelevant in an interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer yesterday, while at the same time sending out contradictory messages on taxes. Two days after the presidential ticket of Mitt Romney and Paul

Flashback: PA Senator Bob Casey Voted to Continue Funding ACORN

Flashback: PA Senator Bob Casey Voted to Continue Funding ACORN

A video showing Pennsylvania’s hard-left Sen. Bob Casey (D) praising ACORN, America’s foremost proponent of voter fraud and mortgage mischief, disappeared recently just in time for next week’s critical election. Casey appears in the 2008 video praising the gangster group

DNC Honors ACORN, Ted Kennedy

DNC Honors ACORN, Ted Kennedy

All throughout ACORN’s terminal scandal that began with the undercover videos in 2009, Democrats ran away from the toxic radical leftist group as fast as they could. No more. At the Democratic Party’s summertime convention in Charlotte, a video tribute

Nevada Voter Fraud Law Upheld, ACORN Conviction Sustained

Nevada Voter Fraud Law Upheld, ACORN Conviction Sustained

Nevada’s law banning cash bonuses for voter registrations has been upheld by that state’s supreme court despite an ACORN-backed legal challenge to its constitutionality. The decision upholds the 2011 criminal conviction of former senior ACORN executive Amy Adele Busefink for

Ron Bloom, Obama's Pinstriped Union Thug

Sometimes union thugs wear pinstriped business suits. Investment banker Ron Bloom is one of those thugs. He decided in the 1970s to devote his life to helping labor unions stick it to America’s corporations. As an organizer, negotiator, and researcher

Union Thug Leo Gerard Calls for a 'Resistance' Movement

The United Steelworkers (USW) Marxist president Leo Gerard believes if Big Labor can’t get what it wants through the ballot box it’s time to start cracking skulls. The Canadian-born Gerard loves a brawl. In 1999 he helped the violent anarchists

AFL-CIO's Richard Trumka Is a Thug's Thug

Richard Trumka is a thug’s thug, and a crafty one at that. The AFL-CIO boss believes the end justifies the means. Breaking the law is acceptable if it advances the cause. Unions should “forget about the law; this is about

ACORN: Puppet Master of #OccupyWallSt

The Working Families Party, an infamous ACORN front group notorious for corruption, was instrumental in organizing the Occupy Wall Street protests, according to radical journalist Laura Flanders of Free Speech TV. The protests, which have spread to several other large

Roseanne, the Red Queen

Although the revolutionary bloodlust of the Left is never far beneath the surface, sometimes it takes a crisis to bring it out into the open. Take the case of Roseanne Barr, a self-described socialist and proud ACORN member. As part

Occupy Wall Street Jumps the Shark

It hasn’t taken long for the socialist-organized “occupation” of Wall Street to jump the shark. In a surreal news conference at the United Nations, anti-American radical and rogue financier George Soros (net worth: $22 billion) threw in his lot with

Official Washington's Cracked Accounting

As I write this it is difficult to hear myself think over the sound of congressional Republicans high-fiving each other over the debt ceiling deal. They would do well to remember the words of a British parliamentarian uttered during the

ACORN Thugs Stink Up the Wrong Bank

Nobody ever said all the criminal street thugs at ACORN were bright. The left-wing astroturfers of ACORN’s new front group in California, Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE), were behind a garbage-dumping stunt at a branch of Wells Fargo