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WSJ Profile: Out of the Conservative Closet — Jon David is… Jonathan Kahn


Most of you know Jon David from his famous Big Hollywood “My Date With a Liberal” series that debuted not long after the site launched. After the Tea Party movement caught fire, so did Jon’s “American Heart,” which also had its premiere right here.


My congratulations to our friend Mr. Kahn who set an example for all of us with his willingness to throw off those shades and fight the good fight. There are right-of-center “sleeper agents” like Jon all over Hollywood. He is not alone. And when others throw off the shades and declare themselves the movement to reclaim a piece of the Hollywood/pop culture pie for pro-American and pro-liberty ideas and ideals can only grow stronger.

Jon is proof that you are not alone. It’s time to activate yourselves. Join the fight.

Or, as Robert Davi memorably put it, “After all we’re only talking about saving our country.”

The Wall Street Journal:

Jonathan Kahn normally lives and works in Hollywood, where he writes screenplays and pop songs. But for the last year or so he’s been living a double life – as a singer on the Tea Party circuit named Jon David. Now he’s decided to go public. ….

Over those eyes he wears a pair of large shades and a Coors cap pulled low. And Jon David is not his real name.

The guy in the spotlight singing “American Heart,” it can now be revealed, is 42-year-old Jonathan Kahn, a Hollywood screenwriter, director and scribbler of songs whose faith in America doesn’t extend to the place he calls home.

Fearful of being ostracized in the town where he peddles his songs and scripts, Mr. Kahn has gone sub rosa on the rally circuit. “It’s for protective reasons,” he says. “In Hollywood, being a conservative is the kiss of death.”

The tea-party movement’s passion for cutting taxes and shrinking government has spilled into hundreds of rallies and conventions across the country. Mr. Kahn has ridden that surge–under cover.

Read the full piece here.

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