The AP Doesn't Care About Black People

We’ve seen it all before.

Gay rights activists equating their modern-day fight for ‘equality’ to post-slavery oppression of blacks. Muslim activists equating justified terror law enforcement investigation to racial profiling of blacks. The obese even formed a group complaining they were being discriminated against like blacks. When it comes time to beg for attention, victims choose black people to compare their woeful experiences to, even though the comparisons are insultingly inaccurate.


The latest group seeking civil-rights props are illegal aliens via Russell Contreras of the Associated Press.

They gather on statehouse steps with signs and bullhorns, risking arrest. They attend workshops on civil disobedience and personal storytelling, and they hold sit-ins and walk out of class in protest. They’re being warned that they could even lose their lives.

“… they could even lose their lives.” Just who could we be talking about?

Students fighting laws that target illegal immigrants are taking a page from the civil rights era, adopting tactics and gathering praise and momentum from the demonstrators who marched in the streets and sat at segregated lunch counters as they sought to turn the public tide against racial segregation.

Students? Students are fearing for their lives because they choose to demonstrate on behalf of federal lawbreakers?

Pardon me if I offer up some clarification because some history-challenged idiot at the AP has chosen to not only insult the intelligence of black people but anyone in the world that’s had his time wasted reading his drivel.

  • Unlike black people centuries ago, illegal immigrants chose to violate our border and enter this country. Blacks, back in the day, didn’t have much of a say in the matter.


  • Unlike black people centuries ago, illegal immigrants can give birth here and receive taxpayer benefits for that anchor baby.
  • Unlike black people centuries ago, illegal immigrants aren’t fearful of a certain political party that encouraged any level of violence against them.


  • Unlike black people centuries ago, illegal immigrants can find work and earn a living. Granted, their pay may not be equal to that of citizens, but at least they are getting paid. Slaves were not as fortunate.
  • Unlike black people centuries ago, illegal immigrants are granted certain legal and social protections never afforded to blacks.
  • Unlike black people centuries ago, illegal immigrants (children and adults) can be educated with taxpayer money. Black slaves who could read were often lynched.
  • Unlike black people centuries ago, illegal immigrants who don’t like it here can just up and leave. Slaves attempting a change of scenery were often lynched when caught.


  • Unlike black people centuries ago, illegal immigrants have never been considered property. Blacks were sold and traded like old cars.

The list goes on and both Contreras and the Associated Press know this black/illegal alien comparison is not valid. Black people by their very presence in America are not criminals. The only criminals in this discussion are those who’ve chosen to enter our country illegally or deliberately overstay their visas.

Illegal aliens demand special treatment while those who don’t have the convenience of a border to run across, stand in lines abroad like fools.

Russell Contreras must think himself clever making this pandering comparison. The Associated Press should be ashamed of themselves for publishing this irresponsible article, but of course they won’t be. If they had any respect for black people, this ‘piece’ would not of have been written, let alone posted for the world to see.

Neither Contreras or the Associated Press care about black people but we’re all supposed to sympathize with criminals.

Not today.

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