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Jihad Journalism: Sharia for the Make-Believe Media's Iman Soros


What NPR did in terminating Juan Williams was a high profile act of journalistic terrorism. It was a professional beheading with the goal of instilling fear so that other lesser reporters and journalists who might dare associate on Fox News will now think twice.

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The message has gone out: Whoever can destroy one such as prominent as Juan Williams can effectively censor other less prominent commentators with ease. Welcome to the New Age of Make-Believe Media Sharia.

There’s nothing that controversial about what Juan Williams said. Jesse Jackson admitted a concern similar to the one Williams voiced. Several years ago, Jackson expressed sadness at his own feelings of relief when upon hearing footsteps behind him and fearing robbery, he turns to see a white person.

No great purging took place. Jesse’s still hanging with the power people.

NPR’s taking offense at Williams’s Muslim comment is nothing other than a veil, a burqa, if you will, to cover the real reason underneath his termination. The real reason is to quash dissent. Especially when, as a liberal, you appear on a Fox News broadcasts.


So who’s really behind the MBM’s Sharia stoning of Juan Williams? Over the weekend, multi-gazillionaire and ultra liberal force of nature behind the Tides Foundation, George Soros, gave $1.8 million dollars to government-funded NPR. Monday night Williams made the “offensive” statement on O’Reilly’s Fox News broadcast. Wednesday NPR canned Williams publicly. NPR admitted in its letter that its action came as a result of concern for offending its donors. Say hello to MBM’s High Priest Iman George Soros:


This is called circumstantial evidence in the law. There’s no direct proof, such as a handwritten memofrom Soros to NPR’s Vivian Shiller to “Fire that Williams jackass!” But the inference can be drawn nonetheless. As prominent forensic pathologist Michael Arnall, a go-to expert on CNN’s “Nancy Grace” says: “There are no coincidences.”

And what did the evil right wing Purveyor of Lies Fox News do? Cheer? Jeer at the fired liberal? Celebrate? No. Fox News welcomed Williams into its big tent, hiring him for $2 million … without any requirement that he mouth conservative viewpoints.

Henry VIII cut off the head of Thomas Moore, close friend and confidante, who dared oppose the king’s desire for a divorce, something not allowed within the Catholic Church.

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Henry VIII broke with the Church and ordered Moore’s execution, less to punish and more to make a point. Moore’s decapitation was an example to others that if you dare challenge the king, you will face the chopping block too.

Juan Williams — Martyr for the New Media Faithful? Fox News – certainly the Fair and Balanced Cathedral of Free Speech.

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