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MSM Is M.I.A. As TSA Institutes 'Comply Or Don't Fly' Rules


The Mainstream Media (MSM) has gone “Missing in Action” as the TSA institutes it new comply or don’t fly rules.

The Progressive Opinion-makers such as Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow and others have fallen silent against these new rules and were the nightly appearances by all those drive-by Constitutional Scholars and Experts from places like Harvard and Georgetown Law raging against this gross violation of our basic civil rights and liberties as they did against any renewal Patriot Act several years ago during the Bush Era.

Don’t expect much reporting in the MSM as many believe that they were responsible for getting this current administration elected to office and agree with Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano’s statement that “Americans must comply with this new form of supposed enhanced security in order to fly.” This is why they are not reporting on public outrage at the TSA for its new requirement of groping Men, Women and Children in our public use airports all in the name of security. Yet Napolitano has stated recently she is willing to have her officers make exceptions for women of the Muslim faith.

The government now expects persons of the non-Muslim faith to be groped in airports and quietly accept it all in the name of security, yet we make exceptions for the Muslim faith because many in the same media have convinced Americans that questioning any of the practices of the Muslim faith is not politically correct in the post 9-11 World.

The whole thing remains me of a scene from the slap-stick 1982 comedy “Airplane II” in which heavily armed men was allowed to walk thru airport security, were as the old Grandma Lady following him set off the metal detector and was wrestled against the wall by airport security.

[youtube 5S9H6RO0bKA nolink]

Where is the media’s rage against this double standard all in the name of enhanced security, groping American Adults, taking digital images of our children in their underwear, while subjecting them to pat downs and grabbing the private parts of our elderly flyers? One could only imagine the outrage and call for impeachment from the media and drive-by experts, if the Head of Homeland Security under a Republican President had instituted the same tactics and then called for silent complaisance.

I have a reason for why the media has gone MIA on this issue: maybe they see this as part of a new stimulus package to get some Americans working. With that said I have come up with a new TSA spot just for that:

“Are you a sex offender, who now dreams of a career path in the federal government, well dream no more, when you join the TSA, you too could possibly grope the likes of Halle Berry, Salma Hayek or even Jerri Ryan, all in the name of homeland security! For those of you with a lust for kiddie porn, we have scanner operator positions available – be the envy of all your creepy friends as you get a check for taking, looking at, and download images of young of near-naked children legally. So what are you waiting for? Join the TSA Today!”

The MSM has proven itself to be hypocritical as it is more than willing now to look the other way and report nothing about this gross violation of our civil liberties, while seeking to curtail public opinion because 90% of them agree with the current big government administration and seek to crush public dissent all the while.

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