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Hey Media, How About a Prime Time Obama Investigation?


Would the ‘nets like to have great numbers for the May ratings book? I’m guessing they would. I’ll tell them how to get ’em.

Do an honest investigation into President Barack Obama’s college transcripts. Honest, is the key word here.

As of right now, they won’t even touch the issue. Perhaps they’re afraid of what they might find out.

Since JFK every US President has been transparent about their school records and in most cases, their medical records as well (JFK kept many of his issues with pain medications secret.) Even Presidential candidates release this information. John Kerry did it (to some degree) and John McCain did it, even though they never made it to the White House. George W. Bush gave full disclosure, and still, CBS tried to make up records about his military service. Dan Rather got busted on that one.

The President who said he would be the most transparent in history has been the most secretive.

That’s a good line you can use to start your prime time special, and it’s accurate.

On the birth certificate issue, Donald Trump did the job the media refused to do. Hillary Clinton and others had asked to see the long form of his birth certificate for years, and finally, something as basic as this is brought out 4 years after he began running for President and the media praises Dear Leader for finally doing it. He should’ve done this long ago. We have a President who plays games with the voters and messes with his opponents. Even Obama advisers in the White House said this would’ve played out to the President’s advantage if they’d just let this issue stay out there. “We do not have time for this sort of silliness…we’ve got big problems to solve,” said Obama. I would say, Mr. President, you encouraged the silliness by not being transparent from the start. Obama acted like it was a concession to release something so incredibly basic.

Since Trump has brought Obama to Transparency 101, it’s time for the second hour of class. The college transcripts. After something as simple as the long form birth certificate took so long, does anybody think the college transcripts will be easily released?

Obama’s college transcripts and thesis papers from Occidental, Columbia and Harvard have never been released and the media seems not to care. We got grade school records on Richard Nixon. I’d love to hear what this President taught, believed and wrote in college, but that seems to be of no interest to this media. Again, there may be little of interest here, but since when has the media chosen the side of less information over more information? Since Dear Leader entered the political stage.

Days before the 2008 election, activist old media folks Tom Brokaw and Charlie Rose admitted they didn’t know much about Obama. It’s their job to uncover details and be the eyes and ears of the public, still Brokaw admits, “We don’t know a lot about Barack Obama.” That’s still the case today. Why?

The same media that sent 5,000 people to Wasilla, Alaska to investigate VP candidate Sarah Palin back then, wouldn’t send half a dozen people to the south side of Chicago to look into the Democrats Presidential candidate. They haven’t even found people who went to school with Obama, worked with Obama as a community organizer, or taught Obama. Other than Bill Ayres, Reverend Wright and Obama friend and golfing buddy Bobby Titcomb (who was recently arrested for soliciting prostitution) we still know very little about those who are close with Obama and his past. Seriously. I’m not trying to be provocative here, we still know very little about this President. Perhaps the media is waiting for him to win a second term before they start acting tough. Too late then, folks.

The irony here (and the media love irony) is that Obama owes his Presidency to the uncovering of previously sealed documents. Illinois Republican Senator Jack Ryan was a shoe-in to keep his seat in 2004 when the Chicago Tribune and WLS demanded that sealed divorce records between Ryan and his wife, Jeri, be uncovered. A friendly judge was found and when the documents revealed some kinky things between consenting adults, the media destroyed Ryan, he withdrew from the campaign and you have Senator Obama/President Obama as a result.

Certainly 60 Minutes, 20/20, or Dateline can spare us from another murder mystery for one week and look into this issue. I’m not sure what they would find — nobody is. They are not sure what they would find. That’s what could make it interesting to viewers. Any real journalist should love to do an open, honest, real investigation into this. That’s what journalists and news organizations do. Since Obama has not released his college transcripts, the media has just decided to give up and not look any further. That’s not the journalistic values I was taught in college and spent 30 years in the business living by.

Until you do this, we’ll figure you’re afraid of what you might find.

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