Current TV Pulls Countdown Off Air For One Night; Keith Olbermann Taken By Surprise

Earlier today, Keith Olbermann of Current TV tweeted that his “Countdown” program would not air tonight. No reason was given, and Olbermann himself seemed to have been taken by surprise, referring all questions to senior Current TV management:

Mediaite noted Olbermann’s tweet, and speculated that he might have run into more conflict of the sort that saw him leave MSNBC last year.

Later, however, Olbermann tweeted again to indicate that Countdown would air in its normal slot the following night “by popular demand”:

It would appear that Olbermann’s show was moved to make room for coverage of the Iowa caucuses, though it is not clear why he would not have been informed of that change, or why he would not have anticipated it in advance.

Even if Mediaite’s conclusion was premature, it might ultimately prove correct–for if tonight’s cancellation of Countdown wasn’t the result of a dispute, it certainly seems likely to have caused one.