New York Times: Most Thought Breitbart Did 'Ill' For US

New York Times: Most Thought Breitbart Did 'Ill' For US

As Bill Kristol points out at the Weekly Standard, the New York Times ran a posthumous profile of Andrew Breitbart today – and writer David Carr didn’t pull his punches about how he felt about Andrew:

            For good or ill (and most would say ill), no one did it like Mr. Breitbart.

Kristol points out:

“Most would say ill?” Really? I know of no empirical evidence that backs up this statement. If anything, my experience has been the opposite–almost all conservatives would say Andrew was a force for good, and even some liberals would deny he was a force for ill.

Kristol suspects that Carr didn’t write this – his editors did, as a snarky aside attempting to cast aspersions on Andrew’s reputation. Typical odious “reporting” from the Grey Lady.

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