Will Matt Yglesias Compare DNC Chair to Hitler As With Romney?

Will Matt Yglesias Compare DNC Chair to Hitler As With Romney?

Two days ago progressive blogger Matt Yglesias invoked Godwin’s Law by comparing Mitt Romney to Hitler because of Hitler’s Swiss bank account. Now it has emerged that the DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz also has money in Swiss and other foreign accounts. Will Yglesias make the same analogy? 

Wasserman Schultz also said that Romney wasn’t “committed to America” because of his offshore investments. Apparently, neither is the DNC Chair. 

Wasserman Schultz’s failure at forthrightness concerning her foreign investments signals that she was trying to hide her vote of no confidence in the Obama economy. Accounts like those with the Swiss are attractive for their stability. It’s what the Democrats won’t tell you: holding money in foreign accounts is an indictment of the President’s failed economic policies. It’s not shocking that a Republican would want to protect his assets from bad policy; what’s shocking is that the head of the DNC thinks so poorly of her own candidate that she makes the same statement with her investments. 

Godwin’s Law, if it distracts!

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