As Romney Expands Battlefield Media Claims He Peaked Too Soon

As Romney Expands Battlefield Media Claims He Peaked Too Soon

Looks like Larry O’Connor won the office pool guessing when the CorruptMedia would manufacture a Narrative that said Romney peaked too soon in the polls. I assumed the media would wait until Monday, but already it’s bubbling up — even though Romney’s peaking continues. Oh, the lies of omission the CorruptMedia will tell to say Romney’s momentum is over (not that the base is buying it). The media will do whatever they can to claim the race is close in order to ensure Obama’s vote turns out.

Besides white-knuckling an absurd Time Magazine poll out of Ohio that says Obama is up by five and will nearly double his 2008 turnout advantage, the CorruptMedia’s ignoring the fact that Obama’s headed to Wisconsin next week, Springsteen’s been sent to Pennsylvania, and Romney’s buying ads in Minnesota. Yes, next week the battlefield expands into states Obama won, in some cases, by double digits.

But Romney peaked too soon.

On the campaign trail, Obama is flailing with binders, Big Bird, bayonets, “bullshitter,” and sleazy ads aimed at our daughters. Romney, on the other hand, has focused his campaign on big ideas, the reality of governing with Democrats, and bringing America together. Our panicked president is reduced to hauling out Bill Clinton again and name-calling with a reelection message based on “Romnesia.” Meanwhile, Romney’s rising above the child’s play, choosing instead to give a major economic speech in Iowa today,

But Romney peaked too soon.

Democrats and the CorruptMedia would sell whatever might be left of their souls if they could magically turn today into election day. Republicans know time is on our side and are grateful to have eleven more days.

But Romney peaked too soon.

Gallup, Pew, and Rasmussen all show Republican enthusiasm is increasing, in some cases to record levels.

But Romney peaked too soon.

The CorruptMedia knows that Romney’s movement in the polls is glacial and they’re using this as a way to milk a few more days out of the Inevitable Narrative Obama desperately needs to put some wind at his back and to keep Democrats off the ledge. Granted, we’re not seeing huge swings towards Romney, but we are seeing that the momentum is with him as the president’s numbers drop into the 47-48 range, even in states where polls show he’s ahead of Romney.

Doesn’t that prove Obama peaked too soon?

And keep in mind that, like that Ohio poll from Time, the only thing that looks good for Obama are polls’ top-line number, which is usually based on the faulty premise that Obama will nearly double his 2008 turnout advantage — which no one, including Mr. Pew, Mr. Rasmussen, and Mr. Gallup believes. The internals on these skewed polls, however, show Romney closing the gender gap, and in some cases winning Independents by double digits.

But Romney peaked too soon.

Listen, the CorruptMedia is known as the CorruptMedia for a reason — they’re liars and charlatans and hustlers, all gaming The Narrative to boost whatever’s left of Obama’s chances. And make no mistake, Obama still does have a chance. Eleven days is a long time, and Chicago and its media pals have all kinds of kitchen sinks packed away somewhere.

But Romney did not peak too soon.

Hold tight. Fight. Have fun doing both.



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