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Fox News Mole Cops Plea

Fox News Mole Cops Plea

He was the darling of the left-wing blogosphere last year when he was known as the “Fox News Mole,” but yesterday he was just another humiliated criminal in handcuffs as he agreed to a plea deal in New York:  

Fox News mole Joe Muto entered a Manhattan courtroom in handcuffs this afternoon, pleading guilty to two misdemeanor charges. A source inside the courtroom tells TVNewser two detectives escorted a cuffed Muto into the courtroom, sat him on a back bench and about 5 minutes later removed the handcuffs as he moved to the front of the courtroom to hear the judge read out the plea agreement. That part of the proceedings took about 20 minutes.

 Muto received a whopping $5,000 from last year to tell secrets about O’Reilly and the Fox News Channel.  Now, he needs to pay that amount to a charity as part of his plea deal. Muto was also sentenced to 10 days of community service assigned by the court, then 200 hours of community service at a nonprofit organization.

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