Where Do They Get This Stuff?

Where Do They Get This Stuff?

I have consistently posted on GretaWire about the overuse of anonymous sources… there is a legitimate use but there is also overuse…

At the risk of getting into trouble by sticking my nose into this… I do think in a perverse way this stuff about Roger Ailes being isolated and Brian Lewis the #2 is all silly but it is another perfect example of why anonymous sources are so full of ****. You all know I hate anonymous sources unless it is national security. Who gets fired at the #1 cable news network (yes, that is FNC) is hardly national security. Let me do the unthinkable and go ON THE RECORD (I am not afraid… I have a long term contract for prime time even though the crazies, the anonymous sources, have me booted long ago! Ha!)

First, contrary to what I read this morning, Roger Ailes is not isolated. I see him every time I go to New York. We sit around his office – I have a Diet Coke – and we talk, we laugh (he is very funny.) While I am with him, he gets calls non stop, he gets notes run into him and people pop in and out. It doesn’t stop. Isolated? Not at all — although with the level of business traffic in and out of his office, I bet he might wish to be isolated.

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