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Jim Carrey Lies: More Demand for Heston's Movies Than Carrey's


Question: Why did Jim Carrey do a “Funny or Die” video attacking Charlton Heston and gun owners?

Answer: Because Carrey’s career is in the crapper and this gives him a chance to suck up to “Funny or Die” co-founder, Adam McKay, a blazing leftist who’s managed to keep Will Ferrell on top at the box office. Basically, in order to beg for a job, one-time superstar Jim Carrey has been reduced to making YouTube videos mocking a Hollywood legend who’s been dead five years.

In his Funny or Die stunt, and without irony, Carrey attacks Heston as a has-been whose movies are “no longer in demand.”

What great timing!

Just last week Carrey was dealt yet another flop with “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.”

But this week, the ABC network will once again turn over nearly five hours of broadcast time to Heston’s “Ten Commandments.”  Why? Because Heston’s film is so much in demand it wins its timeslot year after year after year.

How sad is Jim Carrey’s career? At age 53, he will star in “Dumb and Dumber III.”

Oh, and he’s doing Funny or Die videos.

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